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English rendering of PM's address at the dedication of 750 MW Rewa Solar Project to the Nation

Posted On: 10 JUL 2020 12:22PM by PIB Delhi

Smt Anandiben Patel, Governor of Madhya Pradesh; Shri Shivraj Singh ji, the popular Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh; my Cabinet colleagues, Shri RK Singh ji, Shri Thawar Chand Gehlot ji, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar ji, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan ji and Shri Prahlad Singh Patel ji; members of the Madhya Pradesh cabinet, MPs and MLAs!


My dear brothers and sisters from all over Madhya Pradesh including Rewa! Today Rewa has really made history. Rewa has been identified with mother Narmada and white tigers. Now Rewa will also be associated with Asia's largest solar power project. If you watch the aerial video, it seems as if thousands of solar panels are swaying in the fields like crops. It also seems like we are passing over a sea with deep blue water. For this, I congratulate the people of Rewa in particular and the people of Madhya Pradesh in general.


This solar plant of Rewa will help in turning this entire area into a major energy hub in this decade. With this solar plant, not only the people and the industries in Madhya Pradesh will get electricity, but even the metro rail in Delhi will get benefited. Besides, Rewa, similar work on big solar power plants in Shajapur, Neemuch and Chhatarpur are also underway. There is a plan to install a floating solar plant on the Omkareshwar Dam. When all these projects are completed, Madhya Pradesh will definitely become a hub of cheap and clean electricity. The poor and middle class families, farmers and tribal population of Madhya Pradesh will benefit the most.


Friends, Sun worship has a special place in our tradition, culture and our everyday lives. पुनातु मां तत्स वितुर् वरेण्यम् i.e. Let the Sun God, purify us. The same spirit of purity can be felt here today in Rewa everywhere. Today the whole nation can feel this energy of God Sun. It is due to his blessings that we are among the top 5 countries in the world in terms of solar power.



Solar energy is going to be a major source of energy needs not only today but in the 21st century, because solar energy is Sure, Pure and Secure. Sure, because other sources of energy and electricity may exhaust, but the sun will shine forever around the world. It is Pure because it helps to protect rather than pollute the environment. Secure, because it is a great symbol of self-reliance and an inspiration. It also secures our energy needs. As India is moving towards the new peak of development, our hopes and aspirations are increasing. At the same time, our energy and electricity needs are also growing. In such a scenario, self-sufficiency in electricity is very important for a self-reliant India. Solar energy is going to play a very big role in this and we are trying to expand this strength of India.



Economy is an important aspect when we talk about self-reliance and development. Policy makers from all over the world have been in a dilemma for years about whether to choose Economy or Environment. In this context, sometimes decisions are taken in favour of environment while sometimes in favour of the economy. But India has shown that these two are not opponents but allies of each other. Be it Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, or the campaign to provide every family with clean fuel like LPG and PNG, or to build a large network of CNG-based vehicle systems across the country, or efforts for electricity-based transport in the country - such numerous efforts are being made to make the life of ordinary human beings in the country better and environment friendly. For India, economy and environment are not two contrasting entities, but are complementary to each other.



Today you will see that in all the government schemes and programmes, priority is given to environmental protection and Ease of Living. For us, the protection of the environment is not limited to just a few projects, but it is the way of life. When we are launching major projects of renewable energy, we are also making sure that our determination towards clean energy is taken care of in every aspect of life. We are trying to ensure that its benefits reach every corner of the country, every section of society and to every citizen. Let me give you an example.



In the last 6 years, about 36 crore LED bulbs have been distributed in the country. More than 1 crore LED street lights have been installed across the country. It seems very small because when we get a facility, we generally do not talk much about its impact. This type of discussion takes place only when we do not have that thing.



When this small LED bulb was not there, we felt its need, but the price was out of reach. As it was not sold much, there were no manufacturers. So what has changed in 6 years? The price of LED bulbs has dropped by almost 10 times, and several LED bulb manufacturing companies have come into the market. And the brightness that we used to get from 100-200 watt bulbs can now be obtained from 9-10 watt bulbs. With the installation of LEDs in homes and streets, the consumption of electricity is decreasing by about 600 billion units every year and people are also getting good quality brightness. Moreover, the people of the country are saving about 24 thousand crore rupees every year in electricity bills. That is, the LED bulb has reduced the electricity bill. This has another important aspect. About 4.5 crore tonnes of carbon dioxide has been prevented from getting into the environment due to the LED bulbs. That is, it is reducing pollution.



We are constantly working on the idea that electricity reaches everyone, and there is enough electricity for everyone, and that our environment, air, water should also remain clean. This idea is also reflected in our policy and strategy for solar energy. Just imagine! In 2014, the price of solar power used to be Rs 7-8 per unit. Today, the same has been reduced to Rs 2.25 to Rs 2.5 per unit. The entrepreneurs are also benefitting a lot out of this. They are in turn producing employment opportunities for the countrymen. People across the country and all over the world are now discussing how solar power is so cheap in India! The way work towards solar power is being done in India is going to be discussed even further. Due to such big steps, India is being considered as the most attractive market for clean energy. Today, wherever there is a discussion around the world about the transition towards Renewable Energy, India is seen as a model.



In view of this expectation of the world from India, we are engaged in connecting the whole world. ISA i.e. International Solar Alliance is the result of this thinking. This is the spirit behind One World, One Sun and One Grid. It is an attempt to bring together the whole world for better production and use of solar energy so that this huge crisis in front of our earth can be tackled and the electricity needs of the small and poor countries can also be met.



In a way, solar energy has also turned the customers into producers, giving them the control of the power button completely. The participation of the citizens in the rest of the electricity generating media is negligible. But, if we consider solar energy, there is a little space everywhere, whether it is a roof of a house, a roof of an office or a factory, where the citizens can produce the electricity they need. For this, the government is giving huge incentives and is also supporting them. In this campaign of self-sufficiency in power generation, now our farmers i.e. the food producers can also become energy producers.



Our farmer is so capable today, so resourceful that today he is helping the country with not one, but two types of plants. One plant is that of traditional farming by which we all get food. But now our farmers are also installing other types of plants, so that electricity also reaches their homes. The first plant, which is traditional farming, is planted by our farmer on such land which is fertile. But the other type of plant is the solar energy plant, which will also be installed on such lands which are not fertile, or not good in terms of growing crops. That is, the farmer's land where the crops cannot be grown will also be used. It will also increase the income of the farmer.


Today farmers are being helped to set up such solar plants on surplus land through the KUSUM scheme. Our farmers will not only be able to fulfil their personal needs of electricity through the power generated in the fields but will also be able to sell the surplus power. I am confident that Madhya Pradesh's farmer friends will also make this massive campaign of adopting this means of additional income and making India a power exporter successful. This belief is more because the farmers of Madhya Pradesh have shown the resolve by turning it into an accomplishment. The work done by you has become a topic for discussion. The way you have set a record of wheat production, leaving others behind, is admirable! The record-breaking production by the farmers of Madhya Pradesh and the record-breaking procurement by the government of MP during these difficult times of corona pandemic is really commendable. Therefore, I have full faith in the power of Madhya Pradesh in terms of power generation as well. It is expected that one day there will also be news of farmers of Madhya Pradesh generating record electricity under the KUSUM scheme.


Brothers and sisters,

We will not be able to fully harness the power of solar energy unless we have better solar panels, better batteries and better quality storage capacity in the country. Now work is going on in this direction at a rapid pace. Under the 'Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan', the country now aims to eliminate its dependence on imports for all equipment including solar panels. The goal is to increase the country's solar PV module manufacturing capacity at a faster pace. Therefore, several important steps are being taken to promote domestic manufacturing. In India, solar photo voltaic cells and modules have been made mandatory in the pumps being installed under the KUSUM scheme and in the roof-top panels installed in the homes. Besides, it has been ensured that all government departments and other government institutions will buy 'Make in India' solar cells or modules. Moreover, companies setting up power plants have been encouraged to manufacture solar PV. Today, I urge the youth, the entrepreneurs associated with this sector, the start-ups, MSMEs to take advantage of this opportunity.


Brothers and sisters, self-reliance is truly possible only when there is confidence in us. Confidence comes only when the whole country, the whole system supports every countryman. This is what India is doing in the midst of the conditions created by the Corona crisis. This is the government that is trying to build confidence. Today, both the resources and the sensibilities of the government are reaching the sections of the society that governments often could not reach. Let us consider the example of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana now. The first step taken immediately after the lockdown, was to deliver free food to more than 80 crore poor Indians and to put some money into their pockets. And when the lockdown was lifted, the government felt that the monsoons are going to arrive. Moreover, the season of festivals is also about to start. We have festivals going on till Diwali and Chhat Puja. And there will be festivals of all sects and religions.


In such a situation the poor should get this kind of a help. Hence, the scheme was continued. Now poor families will continue to get free ration till November. Moreover, the government is also fully contributing to the EPF accounts of lakhs of private sector employees. Similarly, through the PM-Svanidhi scheme, those friends have been included who have the least access to the system. Today, with this scheme, lakhs of vendors and hawkers have started getting cheap loans of up to Rs 10,000. When did we give a thought about these friends who are so important and run their small businesses for us? That is, we took care of MSMEs, cottage industries and big industries on one hand while on the other hand we also thought about these small but useful businesses.



Be it the government or the society, compassion and vigilance are our biggest sources of inspiration to tackle this difficult challenge. Today, when you are coming out of your homes to help Madhya Pradesh and the entire country to progress, always remember one more thing. We always have to follow the rules of 'do gaz doori' or social distancing, a mask on the face and washing hands with soap for 20 seconds. Once again, congratulations to Madhya Pradesh for this solar power plant.


Stay alert, stay safe, stay healthy!


Thanks a lot!






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