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English rendering of PM’s closing remarks at All Party Meeting

Posted On: 04 DEC 2020 2:30PM by PIB Delhi

I express my gratitude to all our senior colleagues! The views you have expressed, the suggestions you have made in this discussion, I think, are very important. The confidence you have reposed in this discussion regarding the vaccine will strengthen our country's fight against Corona. The presentation that has been made here, has also explained in detail since how long efforts are being made, what’s going on, where we have reached now and with what kind of firmness we are moving forward.


Recently, I had a long discussion with the Chief Ministers of all the states on this subject. Several suggestions were received from the State Governments regarding vaccination. Few days back, I had a very meaningful & detailed conversation with the scientific teams that are trying to develop Made in India vaccine since long. I also got a chance to meet the scientists. And Indian scientists are very confident of their success.  Their confidence – level is very high. Right now, the names of several vaccines from various countries are being heard in the market. Still, the world is eyeing the safest and cheapest vaccine and thus it’s quite natural that the entire world is also looking towards India. By visiting Ahmedabad, Pune and Hyderabad, I have also seen country’s preparations for vaccine manufacturing.

Our Indian manufacturers are working very closely with ICMR, Department of Biotechnology and other giants of the global industry. In a way, you can be confident that everyone is ready and raring to go. There are about 8 such potential vaccines which are in different stages of trial and are to be manufactured in India. As discussed here, India's own three different vaccines are in different stages of trial. Experts are of the view that wait for the Corona vaccine will not be long. It is believed that the Corona vaccine will be ready in the next few weeks. The moment the green signal is received from the scientists, the vaccination campaign will be started in India. The central government is working as per the suggestions received from the state governments regarding who will get the vaccine in the first phase of vaccination. Priority will be given to Health Care Workers, Frontline Workers engaged in the treatment of Corona patients and elderly people who are already suffering from serious diseases. 



For vaccine distribution also, the central and state government teams are working together. India also has expertise and capacity in vaccine distribution. We are far better than other countries of the world in this regard. We also have a very large and experienced network of immunization in the world. It will be utilized to the fullest. Whatever additional cold chain equipment, other logistics will be required for this purpose, is also being assessed with the help of state governments. Many new projects are also underway for further strengthening of the cold chain. Some more new efforts are in process too. India has also developed a special software Co-WiN, which will have real time information regarding the available stock and storage of the vaccine and the beneficiary of the Corona vaccine. A special task force was formed in India for the research-related responsibility of the Corona vaccine. And the responsibility of the vaccine related campaign has been given to the National Expert Group. It has technical experts, officers of the respective ministries and departments of the central government, representatives of state governments as per each zone. This National Expert Group is working closely with the State Governments. Decisions according to every need, be it national and local, will be taken collectively by the National Expert Group.


The question related to the vaccine price is also natural. The central government is talking to the state governments about this. The decision on the price of the vaccine will be taken by giving highest priority to public health. And the state governments will have full participation in it.


The decisions that India took as a nation, the way India rapidly adopted scientific methods, are showing results today. India is among those countries where testing is being conducted on large scale daily. India is among those countries where the recovery rate is also very high. India is also among those countries where the fatality rate due to Corona is so low. The way India has fought against Corona, it shows the indomitable will of every countrymen. Compared to developed countries, countries with good medical infrastructure, India has fought this battle quite better and has saved more and more citizens. The restraint by we Indians, the courage of we Indians, and the strength of Indians has been incomparable and unprecedented throughout the battle. We have not only cared for our own citizens but also made every possible effort to save the citizens of other countries.


India has covered a very long journey right from the scary, fear-filled atmosphere of February-March to the confident and optimistic atmosphere of December today. As we are now on the verge of getting the vaccine, the same public participation, the same scientific approach, the same cooperation is very important in the future also. Time to time suggestions from all of you experienced colleagues will play an effective role in this as well. You all are aware that whenever such a comprehensive vaccination campaign starts, many rumors are also spread in the society. These rumors are against the public interest as well as the national interest. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all parties to make the citizens of this country more and more aware and save them from any rumors. Besides, we know the way the curve is changing in the world and no one can say where this graph will go. In such situation, we don’t have to shun whatever have been our proven ways and proven weapons. Therefore, we have to constantly alert people towards maintaining two yards distance and mask. Any kind of negligence can harm whatever the country has achieved so far. Though everyone couldn’t get a chance to speak today, I would urge the dignitaries of all political parties to send their views in writing. Your suggestions will be very useful. Your suggestions will be taken seriously and they will also be extremely complementary in the plan.

With these requests, I express my gratitude to all of you for sparing time today. Thank you very much!!

DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s speech. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.



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