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English rendering of PM's address at the National Committee to commemorate 'Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav’

Posted On: 08 MAR 2021 6:15PM by PIB Delhi


The occasion of 75 years of Independence is not far away, we are all waiting to welcome it. The country will celebrate the day, which is so historic, glorious and important, with the same grandeur and enthusiasm.

It is our privilege that we have been given the responsibility by the time and the country to make this Amrut Mahotsav (festival) a reality. I am happy that this committee will not fall short of its duty in meeting the hopes and expectations, the suggestions that have come and will continue to come, and the effort to reach out to the masses. We will continue to receive your guidance as to how to motivate and inspire the masses to live again for the country with the new ideas and suggestions. Some honorable members have given their suggestions. Today is the beginning. We will discuss extensively in the future. We also have 75 weeks and almost one more year after that. So these suggestions are very important as we move ahead.

These suggestions reflect your experience as well as your connection with diverse thoughts in India. Here, an initial blueprint on the 75 years of Independence was presented before us. It’s a kind of giving impetus to the flow of thoughts. It is not a list that it has to be implemented or we have to stick with it. These are just primary suggestions to start with, but as discussions progress; the programme will take a concrete shape and set a time-table. Nuances like who will handle which responsibility and how it will be implemented will be discussed later. The contours that have been drawn in this presentation are part of the ideas that have come up in different forums in the recent past. In a way, it is an effort as to how the 75th year of Independence, the Amrut Mahotsav of Independence, can become the festival of every person and his psyche.


This festival of 75 years of Independence should be a festival in which the spirit of freedom struggle and its sacrifice can be experienced, in which there is also a tribute to the martyrs of the country and the resolve to make India of their dreams, in which there is a glimpse of the glory of traditional India, which also has the glow of modern India, in which there is the light of the spirituality of the seers, which also has the vision of the talent and strength of our scientists. This event will also give us an opportunity to showcase our 75 years of achievements before the world and a blueprint and a resolution for the next 25 years. Where would we be, what would be our position in the world, how far would we take India, when we celebrate the centenary of Independence in 2047. The 75 years of the Independence and the freedom struggle will inspire us for the same. This 75th year of festival will prepare a stage which will guide, inspire and arouse a sense of accomplishment for the centenary of India’s Independence.


It is said in our country – 'उत्सवेन बिना यस्मात् स्थापनम् निष्फलम् भवेत्' i.e., no effort, no resolution is successful without celebration.When a resolution takes the shape of a festival, resolutions and energy of millions of people are appended to it. With this spirit, we have to celebrate this festival of 75 years of Independence by taking 130 crore countrymen together. Public participation is the spirit of this festival. And, when we talk about public participation, it also has the sentiments of 130 crore countrymen, their views and suggestions and their dreams. 


As you are aware, the suggestions that came for the 75th year of Independence can be divided into five sub-heads -- Freedom Struggle, Ideas at 75, Achievements at 75, Actions at 75 and Resolves at 75. We have to move forward with these five points. All these should include ideas and sentiments of 130 crore people of the country. We will pay homage to the fighters of the freedom struggle who we know, but at the same time, we also have to take the sagas of the fighters who did not get the same place in history and did not get the same identity to the masses. There is hardly any place in our country, where the son and daughter of Mother India has not contributed or sacrificed. When the inspiring stories of their sacrifices and contributions will be put before the country, it is going to be a source of great inspiration in itself. Similarly, we have to bring the contribution of every socio-economic class before the country. There are many people who have been doing some great work for generations for the country and society. We also have to bring their thinking and ideas to the fore, to connect the country with their efforts. This is also the spirit of this Amrut festival. 


The country has also set a roadmap for this historic festival and the first step has been taken today to enrich it further. All these plans will become more sharp and effective in time and it will also be inspiring for our present generation who have not had the opportunity to die for the freedom of the country, but got the opportunity to live for the country and to do something for the country. And the same sentiment should prevail in our future generations so as to fulfill the dreams where we want to take the countrywhen there will be 100 years of Independence in 2047. The new decisions, new approaches, resolutions like Atmanirbhar Bharat are the tangible shape of these efforts. It is also an attempt to fulfill the dreams of those freedom fighters and take India to the height as dreamt by many heroes who embraced the noose and spent their lives in a dungeon.


Today, India is doing everything that could not be imagined until a few years ago. The country has reached here today by taking each and every step in the 75-year journey. All kinds of people have contributed in 75 years and the country does not become bigger by negating somebody’s contribution.  The country marches ahead only by accepting, respecting and honouring the contribution of everybody. We have grown up with the same mantra and want to continue our march with the same mantra. When we celebrate 75 years of Independence, the country will move towards those goals and will take strong steps to achieve them that once seemed impossible. I am confident that this event will be in consonance with India's historical glory with your cooperation. You are experts in different fields and with your contribution this event will put India's pride in front of the whole world. Your contribution is very valued as it will give new energy, inspiration and direction.

I pause by inviting all of you for your contribution and active participation in the days to come. My best wishes to all of you once again.        

Many thanks!


DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s speech. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.



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