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English rendering of PM's address in a programme at Sri Suttur Math

Posted On: 20 JUN 2022 10:04PM by PIB Delhi

Yellarigu! Namaskaram!

सुत्तूरु संस्थानवु शिक्षण, सामाजिक सेवे, अन्नदा-सोहक्के, प्रख्याति पडेदिरुव, विश्व प्रसिद्ध संस्थेया-गिदे, ई क्षेत्रक्के, आगमि-सिरु-वुदक्के, ननगे अतीव संतोष-वागिदे।

Revered Shri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswami Ji, Shri Siddheshwara Mahaswami Ji, Shri Siddalinga Mahaswami Ji, Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri Basavaraj Ji, my colleague in the Union Cabinet, Pralhad Joshi Ji, Ministers of the Government of Karnataka, MPs, MLAs, all the devotees associated with Suttur Mutt and the revered saints who came here in large numbers to bless us!

I bow to Goddess Mata Chamundeshwari, the presiding deity of Mysuru. It is because of the grace of the Mother that I got the privilege to inaugurate many development works in Mysuru. And now, I feel very blessed to be here in this virtuous program amongst all the saints. I will also go to Maa Chamundeshwari to seek her blessings. On this spiritual occasion, I bow to the saints, Acharyas and sages of Sri Suttur Mutt for continuing with the great tradition of this mutt. I especially bow to Adijagadguru Shivarathri Shivayogi Mahaswami Ji, who planted the seed of this spiritual tree. Today the great tradition of knowledge and spirituality is flourishing under the guidance of Param Pujya Shri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswami Ji, the current abbot of Suttur Mutt. The school started by Shri Mantra Maharishi Ji undertook such a huge project under the guidance of Shri Rajendra Mahaswami Ji. The new building of this school for Indian culture and Sanskrit education has also been inaugurated today. I am sure this institute in this modern and grand form will further expand its resolve to build the future. I also bow my head and congratulate all of you for these innovative efforts. I also extend many best wishes.


Today I have also got an opportunity to dedicate the commentaries on Narad Bhakti Sutra, Shiva Sutra and Patanjali Yoga Sutra by Shri Siddheshwara Swami Ji. Pujya Shri Siddheshwara Swami Ji represents the ancient Rishi tradition of India, which is called Shruta tradition in the scriptures. The Shruta tradition means imbibing in the mind and heart what we hear. On the occasion of World Yoga Day, this attempt to make Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga easily accessible through the commentary of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Narada Bhakti Sutra and Shiva Sutra will not only benefit India but the whole world. And when I am in the midst of all of you today, I would request the learned people of Karnataka to study whatever has been written on social science in the world in the last four-five centuries and they will find that the Narada Sutra is older than that and we have a very excellent source of social science. It is necessary for the world to study this once. Those who know the ideas of the West should go through Narada Sutra to see the social system and human values then.  This wonderful Narada Sutra has been defined in modern interpretation. You have done a great service to society.


It is said in our scriptures that there is nothing as holy as knowledge and there is no substitute for knowledge. And, therefore, our sages and mystics created India with that consciousness – inspired by knowledge and embodied by science which grows with understanding and is strengthened by research. Eras changed, times changed and India also faced many storms of time. When the consciousness of India was weakened, our saints, Rishis, sages and Acharyas revived the soul of the country by churning the whole of India. From Kashi in the north to Nanjangud in the south, strong institutions of temples and monasteries kept the knowledge of India illuminated even during the long period of slavery. Sri Suttur Mutt in Mysore, Sri Siddaganga Mutt in Tumakuru, Sri Sirigere Mutt in Chitradurga, Sri Murugarajendra Mutt, Sri Rambhapuri Mutt in Chikmagalur, Sri Moorusavira Mutt in Hubli, Basavakalyan Mutt in Bidar! South India alone is the center of many such monasteries, which have been irrigating infinite disciplines for centuries.


The existence of truth does not depend on resources, but on service and sacrifice. Sri Suttur Mutt and JSS Mahavidya Peeth are great examples of this. When Shri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswami ji opened a free hostel with a pledge of social service, what resources did he have? It was a rented building and there was no money even for arranging ration etc. And I have heard that once the supply of hostel items stopped due to paucity of money, Swami Ji had to sell ‘Lingam Kardige’ too. That is, he considered service to be above faith. That sacrifice of decades ago is in front of us today in the form of accomplishment. Today, JSS Mahavidya Peeth runs more than 300 institutes and two universities in the country and abroad. These institutions are not only the spiritual and cultural brand ambassadors of India, but are also contributing equally to science, arts and commerce. The way Suttur Mutt is serving poor children, tribal society and our villages is also an example in itself.


When it comes to education, equality and service in Karnataka, South India and India, these discourses get expanded further with the blessings of Lord Basaveshwara. The energy that Lord Basaveshwara Ji had given to our society, the ideals of democracy, education and equality that he had set, these continue to be the foundation stones of India. I once had the privilege of dedicating the statue of Lord Basaveshwara Ji in London and at that time I had said that if you compare Magna Carta and the words of Lord Vishweshwara, you will find the kind of attitude towards society in my country many centuries before Magna Carta.


Following the same ideals, Sri Siddaganga Mutt is running more than 150 institutes today, spreading education and spirituality in society and I have been told that at present about 10,000 students are earning knowledge in the schools of Siddaganga Mutt. This inspiration and devotion of selfless service of Lord Basaveshwara is the foundation of our India. The stronger this foundation is, the stronger our country will be.


When we are celebrating 75 years of the country's independence, then this period of the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of independence is the best occasion of 'Sabka Prayas'. Our sages have called this resolution of cooperation and efforts of all as ‘Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu’ and have given to us ‘Saha Viryam Karavaavahai’ in the form of Vedas. Now is the time to make that spiritual experience of thousands of years come true! Today is the time to realize the dreams we saw during hundreds of years of slavery. For this, we have to give more impetus to our efforts. We have to link our efforts with the resolutions of the nation.


The example of 'National Education Policy' is in front of us in the field of education. Education has been a natural feature of our India. With this ease, our new generation should get an opportunity to move forward. Therefore, options are being given to study in local languages. Along with Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, languages ​​like Sanskrit are also being promoted. All our mutts and religious institutions have been engaged in this work for centuries. Mysuru is such a place from where the country's only Sanskrit daily newspaper ‘Sudharma’ is being published even today. Now the country is also giving its support in these efforts.

Similarly, today Ayurveda and Yoga have got a new identity all over the world due to India's efforts towards health and wellness. It is our endeavor that not a single citizen of the country should remain ignorant and deprived of this heritage. The cooperation of our spiritual institutions is very important to complete this mission. Similarly, we all have to come together for the education of our daughters, for water conservation, for the environment, and also for a clean India. Another important resolution relates to natural farming. The purer our food is, the more pure our life and mind will be. I would like all our religious mutts and institutions to come forward and make people aware in this regard. Let us liberate our Mother India, the Mother Earth, from chemicals. Whatever we do in this regard, the Mother's blessings are going to be of use to us for centuries.


Spiritual consciousness and divine blessings are also added to the initiatives in which the efforts of the saints are included. I believe that the country will continue to receive the blessings of all the saints. Together we will fulfill the dream of New India. And today is a very fortunate moment for me. The way revered saints have expressed their feelings for me, I know I still have a lot to do to reach there. I am sure with your blessings, our great cultural heritage and under your guidance I will try to meet your expectations from me. May I be able to complete those tasks with the inspiration of a great legacy! Bless me so that there is no shortcoming in my work and your expectations do not remain unfulfilled. I am privileged and blessed to be amongst you. I thank you once again.

Yellarigu! Namaskar!                                                              



DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s speech. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.


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