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MoC Ashwini Vaishnaw launches DoT’s Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) for Coordination Among the Stakeholders to Curb Misuse of Telecom Resources in Cyber-crime and Financial Fraud

‘Chakshu (चक्षु)’ Facility on Sanchar Saathi portal ( to Report Suspected Fraud Communication

Says, these tools are pioneering initiatives empowering citizens to proactively report suspected fraud communication

DoT encourages citizens to proactively report suspected fraud communications  on Sanchar Saathi  to help DoT in prevention of misuse of telecom resources for cyber-crime and financial fraud

Posted On: 04 MAR 2024 7:47PM by PIB Delhi



Minister of Communications, Railway, and Electronics & Information Technology Mr. Ashwini Vaishnaw in the presence of  Minister of State for Communications, Mr. Devusinh Chauhan launched the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)’s ‘Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP)’ for coordination among the stakeholders to curb misuse of telecom resources in cyber-crime and financial frauds, and ‘Chakshu (चक्षु)’ facility on Sanchar Saathi portal (, a pioneering initiative empowering citizens to proactively report suspected fraud communication.

On the occasion, the Minister said the government has been persistently making efforts to check cyber-frauds under the secure India project, at three levels- National, Organisational and Individual. He said, the department of Telecommunication has taken many initiatives to spread awareness so that citizens can make use of such tools for addressing their grievances as well as protect themselves from cyber-frauds. Mr Vaishnaw mentioned “Sanchar Saathi” portal in this regard saying it has helped successfully tackle such attacks. The Minister pointed out that together with today’s two portals- DIP and Chakshu, these tools will further appreciably enhance the capacity and ability to check any kind of cyber security threat.


Minister of State for Communications, Mr. Devusinh Chauhan appreciated the efforts of DoT which he said, has successfully completed several projects for countering cyber-security threats. Many more such projects are under development to deal with new and emerging frauds, he said.


Telecom Secretary Dr. Neeraj Mittal, in his opening remarks, said these two  new portals are yet another steps for dealing with cyber security threat to every citizen’s digital assets. These tools, he pointed out, will help curb any kind of fraudulent means and misuse of communications system.

Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP):

Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) developed by the Department of Telecommunications is a secure and integrated platform for real time intelligence sharing, information exchange and coordination among the stakeholders i.e. Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), law enforcement agencies (LEAs), banks and financial institutions (FIs), social media platforms, identity document issuing authorities etc. The portal also contains information regarding the cases detected as misuse of telecom resources. The shared information could be useful to the stakeholders in their respective domains.

It also works as backend repository for the citizen-initiated requests on the Sanchar Saathi portal for action by the stakeholders.

The DIP is accessible to the stakeholders over secure connectivity and the relevant information is shared based on their respective roles. The said platform is not accessible to citizens.

Chakshu (चक्षु) facility on Sanchar Saathi portal:

Chakshu (चक्षु) is the latest addition to the citizen centric facilities already available on the Sanchar Saathi portal of DoT. ‘Chakshu’ facilitates citizens to report suspected fraud communication received over call, SMS or WhatsApp with the intention of defrauding like KYC expiry or update of bank account / payment wallet / SIM / gas connection / electricity connection, sextortion, impersonation as government official / relative for sending money, disconnection of all mobile numbers by Department of Telecommunications etc.

In case, a citizen is already a victim of cyber-crime or financial fraud, it is advised to report at cyber-crime helpline number 1930 or website of Government of India.


Facility already available Sanchar Saathi portal ( 

  1. To know the mobile connections issued in their name and report the mobile connections for disconnection which are either not required or not taken by them,
  2. To report the stolen / lost mobile handset for blocking and tracing,
  3. To check the genuineness of mobile handset while buying a new/old device,
  4. To report the incoming international calls received with Indian telephone number as calling line identification,
  5. To check the details of licensed wireline Internet Service Providers.



Outcome of the various initiatives of DoT:


Total visitors

4 Cr+

Total fraudulent connections disconnected

59 Lakh

Mobile connections disconnected based on user feedback

23 Lakh

Mobile connections disconnected for exceeding limit

17 Lakh

Mobile connections disconnected based on inputs from LEAs, banks, IRCTC, etc.

4 Lakh

Total disconnections

1 Cr+

Total handsets blocked for involvement in cyber crimes

1.5 Lakh

PoS blocklisted

71 thousand

FIRs registered


Total handsets blocked based on user requests

14 Lakh

Total handsets traced and information given to State Governments

7 Lakh

PoC with WhatsApp – total accounts disengaged

3 Lakh

Action taken by Banks/Payment wallets – accounts frozen

10 Lakh

Total money of Indian citizens saved

1 thousand Cr


Launch of DIP and ‘Chakshu (चक्षु)’ facility underscores commitment of DoT to empower citizens and fostering a secure digital ecosystem. By encouraging vigilant reporting and taking proactive measures against suspected fraud communications, DoT remains dedicated to safeguarding the interests and well-being of every citizen.



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