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English Translation of Special Address by Prime Minister at the inauguration of High Level Segment of COP-28 of HoS/HoG

Posted On: 01 DEC 2023 5:47PM by PIB Delhi

Your Majesties,
Your Highnesses,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Greetings to all of you on behalf of 140 crore Indians! Today, first of all I would like to express my gratitude to all of you.

You have consistently supported the issues I have raised such as climate justice, climate finance and green credit.

Our efforts have increased the belief that for world welfare, protection of everyone's interests is necessary, everyone's participation is necessary.


Today, India has set an example for the world to have a perfect balance between Ecology and Economy.

Despite India having 17 percent of the world's population, our share in global carbon emissions is less than only 4 percent.

India is one of the few economies in the world that is on track to meet the NDC targets.

We have already achieved the targets related to emissions intensity eleven years ago.

We have achieved non-fossil fuel targets 9 years ahead of schedule.

And India has not stopped at this. Our target is to reduce emissions intensity by 45 percent by 2030.

We have decided that we will increase the share of non-fossil fuel to 50 percent.

And, we will also continue to move towards the goal of net zero by 2070.


During its G-20 Presidency, India has consistently given importance to the issue of climate with the spirit of One Earth, One Family, One Future.

For a Sustainable Future, together we agreed on the Green Development Pact.

We decided the principles of Lifestyles for Sustainable Development.

We proposed the commitment to triple renewable energy globally.

India promoted the field of Hydrogen for Alternative Fuels and also launched the Global Biofuels Alliance.

Together we concluded that climate finance commitments need to be increased from billions to several trillions.


India had launched the Infrastructure Resilience initiative for ‘Island States’ in Glasgow.

India is rapidly progressing on the projects related to this in 13 countries.

It was in Glasgow where I presented before you the vision of Mission LiFE – Lifestyle for Environment.

A study by the International Energy Agency says that with this approach we can reduce carbon emissions by 2 billion tonnes per year by 2030.

Today I am calling for another, pro-planet, proactive and positive initiative from this forum.

This is Green Credits initiative. This is a campaign that moves beyond the commercial mindset of carbon credit and create a carbon sink with public participation. I hope you will definitely connect with it.


We don't have much time to correct the mistakes of the last century.

A small section of mankind has exploited the nature indiscriminately.

But the whole humanity is paying its price, especially the residents of the Global South.

This thinking of 'only my welfare' will take the world towards darkness.

Every person sitting in this hall, every head of state has come here with a huge responsibility.

All of us have to fulfill our responsibilities.

The whole world is watching us today, the future of this earth is watching us. We must succeed.

We have to be Decisive:

We have to take a pledge that every country will fulfill the climate targets it is setting for itself and the commitments it is making.

We have to work in Unity:

We have to take a pledge that we will work together, cooperate and support each other.

We have to give fair share to all developing countries in the global carbon budget.

We have to be more Balanced:

We have to take a pledge to move forward while maintaining a balance between Adaptation, Mitigation, Climate finance, Technology, Loss and damage.

We have to be Ambitious:

We have to resolve that the energy transition should be just, inclusive and equitable.

We have to be Innovative:

We have to take a pledge to continuously develop innovative technology.

To rise above our selfishness and transfer technology to other countries. To strengthen the clean energy supply chains.


India is committed to the UN Framework for Climate Change Process.

Therefore, today I also propose from this platform to host the COP-33 summit in India in 2028.

I am hopeful that the review of Global Stock-taking in the coming 12 days will lead us to a safe and bright future.

Yesterday, the decision taken to operationalize the Loss and Damage Fund has further increased our hopes.

I am confident that, hosted by the UAE, this COP 28 Summit will reach new heights of success.

I express my gratitude to my brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and His Excellency Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, for giving me this special honor.

Thank you all very much.

DISCLAIMER - This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister's Press Statement. Original Press Statement were delivered in Hindi.




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