Ministry of Railways

Indian Railways issues Letter of Award for Manufacturing and Maintenance of 9000 HP Electric Freight Locomotives to Siemens, India

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone on 20th April 2022 at Railway’s Factory at Dahod

This Move Signifies a Giant Leap Forward in ‘Make in India’ Drive and ‘Make for the World’

Dahod Factory will manufacture High Horse Power Electric Locomotives for Indian Railways as well as Export Market

Will help in upskilling of Railway’s Manpower Working in Railway’s Production Unit and Maintenance Depots

1200 Electric Locomotives will be Manufactured over a Period of 11 Years

Manufacturing Unit will trigger setting up of  Ancillary Manufacturing Units, Generation of Direct and Indirect Employment and Development in the Region

This Project will Usher in Development of New Technologies in India through High Pace Indigenisation

Fair, Transparent and Competitive Bidding Process was Adopted in Selecting the Technological Partner

Posted On: 24 DEC 2022 11:12AM by PIB Delhi

Indian Railways has issued the Letter of Award (LoA) for Manufacturing and Maintenance of 9000 HP Electric Freight Locomotives to Siemens, India. Railways factory at Dahodto manufacture 1200 high horse power (9000 HP) electric locomotives over a period of 11 years. It would entail manufacturing of 1200 locomotives and maintenance of these locomotives for 35 years. The estimated value of contract is about INR 26000 Crore (about 3.2 Billion USD), excluding taxes and price variation.

Agreement with Siemens India will be signed within 30 days of issue of LoA.  The proto-type locomotives are to be delivered in the coming two years. Dahod Unit will be fully constructed for manufacturing these locomotives within a period of two years. Siemens, selected as technological partner, will manufacture these locomotives at Dahod and maintain these locomotives at four maintenance depots - Vishakhapatnam, Raipur, Kharagpur, Pune for a period of 35 years utilising Railway’s Manpower.

Suitable economic drivers will ensure complete indigenization of the manufacturing which in turn will lead to development of ancillary manufacturing units making it a true ‘Make in India’ initiative. The project will also lead to development of the Dahod region and generate employment.

These High Horse Power (9000 HP) locomotives will be the future workhorse for freight operation on Indian Railways. These locomotives are planned for use primarily on Western DFC and on graded sections of Railways for hauling container freight trains in double stack configuration of 4500 Tonnes at 75 kmph at 1 in 200 gradient and improve the average speed of such trains to around 50-60 kmph over the existing 20-25 kmph. The quantum jump in the operating parameters will lead to increase in the throughput and also enhance line capacity. These locomotives, equipped with state of the art IGBT based propulsion technology, will provide savings in energy consumption due to regenerative braking technology.

There is a provision to manufacture and supply Standard Gauge locomotives for export market.

Indian Railways have selected Siemens India through a fair, transparent and competitive bidding process as the Technology Partner to manufacture and maintain these locomotives utilising Railway staff under the supervision of Technology Partner. 


The Technological Partner has been selected through a fair, transparent and competitive bidding process. Technological Partner will provide training to Railway Staff at Dahod for manufacturing the 9000 HP locomotives and at four depots at Vishakhapatnam, Raipur, Kharagpur and Pune for maintenance of the locomotives over the design life of 35 years. These 1200 locomotives will be manufactured over 11 years. The Technology Partner will also ensure 95% availability and 1,50,000 km of trouble-free operation of locomotives before any maloperation can take place as the guaranteed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The entire bid process has been conducted in a fair, transparent and competitive manner and awarded in record time through electronic bidding. Ministry of Railways had decided to conduct a single stage two packet bidding process for obtaining technical and financial bids for selection of a suitable Technological Partner. The Notice inviting Bid for selection of Technological Partner was issued on 20th April 2022. Financial bids were opened on 6thDecember 2022. After detailed evaluation of the bids, Ministry of Railways has declared Siemens Limited, India as the selected Technological Partner.



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