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English Translation of Opening Remarks by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the bilateral meeting with President of Russia

Posted On: 16 SEP 2022 11:57PM by PIB Delhi


I got a chance to meet you once again and also got the opportunity to discuss many topics. When you visited in December last year, we had discussions on many topics and even after that, as you said, we have had discussions on telephone once and there also we had detailed discussions on the issues related to bilateral relations between India and Russia and the problems of the world. We have discussed in great detail about the problems that are there. Today we are meeting once again and today the biggest concerns facing the world and especially the developing countries are the problems of food security, fuel security, fertilizers; and we must find some way out and you too must contribute to that. Today we will get an opportunity to discuss those issues.


I would like to thank both you and Ukraine because when thousands of our students were trapped in Ukraine in the early days, during the crisis, with your help and with the help of Ukraine, we were able to safely evacuate our students, we could send them to their homes and I am grateful to both countries for this.


I know that today's era is not of war and we have spoken to you many times on the phone that democracy, diplomacy and dialogue are such things that touch the world. Today we will get a chance to discuss how we can move forward on the path of peace in the coming days. I will also get an opportunity to understand your view point.


The relationship between India and Russia has deepened manifold. We also value this relationship because we have been such friends who have been with each other every moment for the last several decades and the whole world also knows how Russia's relationship with India has been and how India’s relationship with Russia has been and therefore the world also knows that it is an unbreakable friendship. Personally speaking, in a way, the journey for both of us started at the same time. I first met you in 2001, when you were working as the head of the government and I had started working as head of the state government. Today, it has been 22 years, our friendship is constantly growing, we are constantly working together for the betterment of this region, for the well-being of the people. Today, at the SCO Summit, I am very grateful to you for all the feelings that you have expressed for India.


I am confident that our bilateral meetings today, our talks today will further deepen our relations in the coming days, and will help in fulfilling the hopes and expectations of the world. I am once again very grateful to you for taking out the time today.

DISCLAIMER - This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister’s remarks. Original remarks were delivered in Hindi.




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