Ministry of Finance

9th Edition of the Status Paper on Government Debt

Posted On: 22 MAY 2020 4:35PM by PIB Delhi

The Central Government today released the Ninth Edition of the Status Paper on the Government Debt, which provides a detailed analysis of the Overall Debt Position of the Government of India. The Central Government has been bringing-out a Status Paper on Government Debt since 2010-11.

This document enhances transparency by providing a detailed account of debt operations during the year. It covers details of the financing operations of fiscal deficit of the Central Government during the year 2018-19. Government’s Debt Portfolio is characterised by a prudent risk profileand the Government is primarily resorting to market linked borrowings for financing its fiscal deficit. Conventional indicators of debt sustainability, i.e., Debt/GDP ratio, interest payment to revenue receipts, shares of short-term Debt/ External Debt/ FRBs in total debt,are analysed in the document in a comprehensive manner. The document also contains Debt Management Strategy of the Central Government for the financial years from 2019-20 to 2021-22 which will guide the borrowing plan of the Government.

The Status paper is available on the Ministry of Finance’s website:



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