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Ministry of Women and Child Development

Union Minister for Women & Child Development, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani Launches “Stree Manoraksha Project”

“Stree Manoraksha Project” To Extend Mental Health Training To 6000 One Stop Centre Functionaries Across India

One Stop Centre ‘Sakhis’ Are Sentinels Who Guard The Rights Of Women & Children Throughout The Country: Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani

Posted On: 02 MAR 2022 11:30PM by PIB Delhi

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is celebrating the International Women’s Day week from 1st to 8th March, 2022 as a part of nationwide celebrations of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’. As a part of the week-long celebrations, on day 2 today, the Ministry of Women and Child Development organised an event, where in the morning session, in collaboration with NIMHANS, the “Stree Manoraksha project” was launched by the Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani. The project is aimed at extending mental health training to 6000 OSC functionaries across India. Later in the day, in the afternoon session, a consultative conclave on capacity building of OSCs was organized in collaboration with NALSA. The event was attended by Government officials, representatives of NIMHANS, NALSA and the representatives of OSCs from across the country.


The Union Minister, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, during the morning session welcomed all the One Stop Centre ‘Sakhis’ and called them the sentinels who guard the rights of women and children in the country. Smt. Irani said that “today, the project which we are discussing with NIMHANS, if we look at it as just a project, we will find ourselves limited to the administrative framework, but this project is intended to give life and dignity to women and break the cycle of violence”.  Explaining the importance of imparting correct family values and its impact, the Union Minister explained how cycle of violence begins from home when a child witnesses such violence at home whereas the right set of family values empower women by giving the right values to the child at home.


Smt. Smriti Irani further stated that when a woman comes to a One Stop Centre, she requires a lot of courage to come out and admit that she has been victimized. Therefore, Smt. Irani insisted that all staff at OSCs need to be trained right from counsellors to the security guard and supervisor in helping distressed women. In a tweet, the Union Minister said that the Training module meticulously carved out by NIMHANS will aid functionaries in helping distressed women and also provide self-care techniques.

During the afternoon session organized in collaboration with NALSA, the Union Minister appreciated the efforts of lawyers across the country from NALSA and SLSA who have gone a long way in helping women victims in OSCs. She announced that Ministry of WCD is looking forward for a pilot on ‘Naari Adalat’ with the help of NALSA so that women victims can get speedy justice. Smt. Irani also addressed the concerns of the staff of OSCs regarding their service conditions and announced that all OSCs staff would be covered under the insurance scheme.


The event highlighted the current developments in the country and the initiatives that have been implemented through MWCD for the safety, security and enhancing psychological wellbeing of women. Films on Stree Manoraksha Project and assistance through NALSA were also played during the event for awareness generation. The women assisted by One Stop Centres also participated and shared their experiences during the celebration. Interactive sessions were held with the beneficiaries and representatives of OSCs.


During the 2 Day event, collaborative and convergent avenues and actions to be taken with various agencies like BPR&D, NIMHANS and NALSA were deliberated and concrete steps of action were outlined.

Collaboration with BPR&D: BPR&D is the nodal organization for police research and development in the country under the Ministry of Home Affairs. They are the key institution for aiding and advicing the Government on police modernization, training and capacity building of police officials, prosecution officers etc. Under Nirbhaya Fund, BPR&D has provided training to over 19000 such officials and medical officers. They have also trained them in using the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection kits (SAEC Kit), they are also training police officials to handle cyber crime. BPR&D also runs training programmes for capacity buildings of Mahila Police Desks and Anti Human Trafficking Units. On this occasion, it has been decided that the Ministry of Women and Child Development in collaboration with BPR&D will build on capacity building and training of OSC functionaries across the country so that they are well equipped to deal with the cases of crimes against women. Further, MWCD in collaboration with BPR&D will also initiate self defense training programmes through NIPCCD.

Collaboration with NIMHANS: The Ministry of Women and Child Development (MoWCD) launched the ‘Stree Manoraksha Project’ in collaboration with NIMHANS Bengaluru on second day of the weeklong programme. The project would emphasise on the psychosocial well-being and aim to improve the mental health of women in India. The project would focus on building on capacity building of OSC functionaries on the tools and techniques as to how to handle the cases of women approaching the One Stop Centres particularly the women who have suffered violence and distress with due sensitivity and care. The project also focusses on self-care techniques for OSC staff and counselors. The project which has been outlined meticulously by NIMHANS based on the requirements projected by the Ministry will be imparted in two formats. One format will focus on basic training for all OSC functionaries including the security guards, cook, helpers, case workers, counselors, centre administrators, para medical staff etc. The second format will emphasise on the advanced course which focuses on varied components relating to multi-generational implications and life time trauma in case of violence against women; guiding principles and challenges in managing trauma in case of sexual violence; assessment of mental distress, disorders and suicidal tendency and ethical and professional principles in counseling. In this regard, Minister, WCD launched the advance certificate course for OSC Councilors and also released the resource material for capacity building of OSC Staff.

Collaboration with NALSA: Following this event, a consultative conclave was organised for capacity building of One Stop Centres as a joint venture of MoWCD and NALSA. The Legal Services Authorities (LSA) Act, 1987 provides for free and competent legal services to the weaker sections of the society including women and children, to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities. NALSA also organises Lok Adalats to secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunities. For this purpose, the legal services institutions like District / State / National Legal Services Authorities have been setup from the Taluk Court level to the Supreme Court.

In addition, the Government implements Nyaya Bandhu (Pro-bono Legal Services) programme to link the persons eligible to avail free legal aid under Section 12 of LSA Act, 1987 with lawyers. Tele-law programme, provides legal advice to public including persons entitled for free legal aid under Section 12 of LSA Act, 1987, at pre-litigation stage by the Panel Lawyers through 75,000 Common Service Centre (CSC) at the Panchayats.

It has been decided that the Ministry of Women and Child Development in collaboration with NALSA will build on capacity and training of OSC functionaries across the country about the legal provisions under law for safety and security of women, awareness about pro-bono legal assistance to women through NALSA and the Victim Compensation Scheme, their role and collaboration with District Legal Services Authority of their respective areas and the role the OSC functionaries have to play in assisting the women to get legal advice and counselling. The OSC functionaries in turn will assist women and girls approaching OSCs for assistance and also raise awareness on the legal provisions pertaining to them.

The event concluded with concrete collaborative action points which addresses at system strengthening, capacity building, improving processes and helping women in difficult circumstances. The overall aim of the event was to create an enabling environment safety, security and psychological well-being of women.



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