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PIB Fact Check Unit



Under the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) is entrusted with the responsibility of disseminating information about government policies, schemes, and programs through various mediums of communication. In fulfilling its role, the Ministry publicizes the policies, initiatives, schemes, and programs of the Government of India through press releases, press conferences, webinars, publication of books, etc. To carry out this crucial function, the Ministry has several attached and subordinate offices, including the Press Information Bureau (PIB).

A significant aspect of the responsibility of facilitating public information about the functioning of the Government of India involves countering the dissemination of fake, false, and misleading information. The PIB has been carrying out this function since long through wide distribution of accurate and reliable information, issuing rebuttals, etc.

In the age of social media where information spreads rapidly, the spread of fake and manipulated information, especially related to the functioning of a democratically elected Government, is dangerous to society as it has the potential to intensify social, economic and political conflicts, weaken public trust in democratic institutions, and even endanger life of the citizens.

PIB Fact Check Unit

The Press Information Bureau has been at the forefront of taking proactive measures to combat fake news related to the Government of India. In November 2019, PIB established a Fact Check Unit (FCU) with the purpose of tackling the issue of fake news pertaining to the Government of India, its various ministries, Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, and other Central Government organizations.

The unit verifies claims about government policies, regulations, announcements and measures. Through an established rigorous fact-checking procedure, the PIB Fact Check Unit helps in dispelling myths, rumours and false claims, and provides accurate and reliable information to the public.


The PIB Fact Check Unit is headed by a senior DG/ADG level officer of the Indian Information Service (IIS). The day-to-day operations of the Unit are handled by IIS officers at various levels. The Unit reports to the Principal Director General, PIB who functions as the Principal Spokesperson of the Government of India.

Fact-Check Mechanism

Users send requests over WhatsApp, email or a web portal. Each such request received is considered as a ‘Query’. Queries are segregated by the Unit based on their relevance to matters pertaining to Government of India. Only queries pertaining to Government of India are considered and taken up as Actionable Queries, while others are deemed not relevant for action. The information in question is checked rigorously through multiple layers of cross-checking through Government Open-source information, use of technological tools and verification from the concerned Government of India organization.


Should the Unit come across a piece of information that the Unit ascertains must be busted publicly for the larger benefit of the people of India, after investigation and verification from official & authoritative sources, it publishes a 'Fact Check' on its social media platforms. Often a single fact check can be a result of multiple queries.


Fact checked content can be segregated into the following three categories:


1. Fake - any factually incorrect news, content, or, piece of information related to the Government of India, spread intentionally or unintentionally, that can deceive or manipulate the audience, with or without the intention to cause potential harm, can be flagged as Fake


2. Misleading - any information presented, either partially true or with selective presentation of facts or figures or with distortion of facts or figures and with the intention of deceiving or misleading the recipient of the information.


3. True: any information that is found to be factually correct after investigation


Contact Us

For any further information about our work, please contact us at

Shri Saurabh Singh

Joint Director, Press Information Bureau

Room No. 213, National Media Centre

Raisina Road, New Delhi-110001

Email: Factcheck[at]pib[dot]gov[dot]in, socialmedia[at]pib[dot]gov[dot]in


We can also be reached out at our social media handles:

Twitter - @PIBFactCheck

Instagram - /PIBFactCheck

Koo - @PIBFactCheck

Telegram - t.me/PIB_FactCheck

Facebook - /PIBFactCheck

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