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English rendering of PM’s address at Ahimsa Yatra Sampannata Samaroh Karyakram

Posted On: 27 MAR 2022 3:54PM by PIB Delhi


Present here at the event, Acharya Shri Mahashraman ji, revered sages & monks and all the devotees. Our country India has been the land of a great tradition of sages, saints, rishis, acharyas for thousands of years. This tradition continued to flourish despite the many challenges posed by the ravages of time. Here, Acharya has been the one who gives us the mantra of ‘चरैवेति-चरैवेति’ (keep moving, keep moving); he who lives by the mantra of ‘चरैवेति-चरैवेति. Shvetambara-Terapanth has given new heights to the great tradition of चरैवेति-चरैवेति and perpetual mobility. Acharya bhikkhu had made ‘elimination of procrastination’ as his spiritual resolution.


In modern times, the great tradition that had started with Acharya Tulsi and Acharya Mahapragya ji is alive in front of all of us today in the form of Acharya Mahashraman ji. Acharya Mahashraman ji has completed this padyatra of 18 thousand kilometers in 7 years. This padyatra was a visit to the three countries of the world. Through this, Acharya Shri has propagated the Indian philosophy of ​​'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. This 'Padyatra' connected 20 states of the country with one thought, one inspiration. Where there is non-violence, there is unity; Where there is unity, there is integrity; Where there is integrity, there is excellence. I believe you have spread the mantra of 'Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat' in the form of spiritual resolution. On the completion of this journey, I offer my heartiest congratulations to Acharya Mahashraman ji and all the followers with utmost reverence.



I have always been getting special love from the Acharyas of the Shvetambara Tera Panth. I have been the loved one of Acharya Tulsi ji, his Pattadhara Acharya Mahapragya ji and now Acharya Mahashraman ji. Because of this love, I keep getting the opportunity of connecting with the organisations related to Tera panth. Because of this affection, I had said to the Acharyas – This Tera Panth is my Panth.


Brothers & Sisters,

When I was looking at the details related to this 'Padyatra' of 'Acharya Mahashraman' ji, I noticed an incredible coincidence. You had started this journey in 2014 from the Red Fort in Delhi. That year the country also had started a new journey and I had said from the ramparts of the Red Fort - "it is a new journey of a new India". In this journey, the country's resolutions also remained the same - public service, public welfare! Today, you have come to Delhi by administering the oath to crores of our countrymen for their participation in this great journey of transformation. I am sure; you must have seen and experienced the vigour of this new journey of new India in every nook and corner of the country. I have a request. The more you share this experience of a transforming India with the countrymen, the more inspired the people of the country will be!



Acharya Shri has presented 'goodwill, morality' and 'de-addiction' in the form of a resolution before the society during his 'Padyatra'. I have been told that during this period, lakhs of people had taken resolutions like that of de-addiction. This is a massive campaign in itself. From a spiritual point of view, we are able to connect with our true selves only when we are free from addiction. Addiction can also be of greed and selfishness. When we know our inner Self, only then we understand the true meaning of 'Sarvam' or 'all'. Only then, we have the 'realization' of our 'duties' for the sake of others by rising above 'selfishness'.



Today, as we are celebrating 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav'; the country is also rising above the self and announcing the duties for the society and the nation. Today, the country is moving ahead with the mantra of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas'. India never believed that only the Governments were supposed to do everything, or the ruling power would rule over everything. This is not India's nature. In our country, the ruling power, the democratic power and the spiritual power, everything plays an equal role. For us, duty is our religion. I am reminded of Acharya Tulsi ji's words. He used to say- "I am first a human; then I am a religious person; then I am a Jain Muni engaged in meditation. After that, I am the Acharya of Tera Panth ". While walking on the path of duty, today, the country is also re-instilling this spirit in its resolutions.



I am glad that today with the dream of a new India, our country is carrying forward the power of unity & collectiveness. Today, our spiritual powers, our Acharyas, our saints together are giving a direction to the future of India. I pray that you become an active medium to take these aspirations of the country and the efforts of the country to the people. As the country is moving forward with the resolutions in the period of 'Azadi ka Amrit Kaal', you have a major role in the accomplishment of all these resolutions – whether it is 'environmental concerns' or nutrition, or the efforts for the welfare of the poor. I am sure that you will make these efforts of the country more effective and more successful. With the same spirit, I wholeheartedly bow down at the feet of all the saints! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s speech. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.




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