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On International Women’s Day, GeM adds “Stitching and Tailoring Services”

Service will open new opportunities for Women SHGs in urban and rural areas

Various Government departments and agencies can fulfil the 3 percent procurement target set aside for women MSE entrepreneurs

Posted On: 08 MAR 2022 5:44PM by PIB Delhi

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Government eMarketplace [GeM] has launched a new service vertical “Stitching and Tailoring Services” on the GeM portal in partnership with USHA International Ltd., through its Silai School Programme. The service will open new opportunities for Usha Silai Women and self-help groups in urban and rural areas to enhance their livelihood incomes through sewing orders placed by various Government departments and agencies and fulfil the 3 percent procurement target set aside for women MSE entrepreneurs.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri PK Singh, CEO GeM said that “the social inclusion of women entrepreneurs in public procurement is a core value at GeM and this service will ensure forward market linkages for women entrepreneurs”. Under this initiative, GeM will collaborate with USHA Silai School [USS] in developing stitching and tailoring service for Government buyers and facilitate the process for enlisting women associated with USS programme. Usha will provide technical experts who will share their knowledge on sewing and upskill women with technical skills for fulfilment of various orders at regional and local level. Women seamstresses providing stitching and tailoring services in urban and rural areas would get an excellent opportunity to market their stitching and tailoring services directly to Government buyers, sans intermediaries and obtain orders. Potential buyers shall be able to search, view, cart and place orders for dress uniforms and office décor/ accessories through the stipulated modes of procurement.

GeM will also be working proactively with women entrepreneurs to address their capacity building and training needs. In addition, Government buyers shall be sensitized through system generated messages/ alerts in the Marketplace about the availability of stitching and tailoring services on the portal. GeM will provide women entrepreneurs with dashboards that will deliver real time information about the number of products uploaded, value and volume of orders received and fulfilled. With inputs and assistance from USS, GeM will develop online learning resources in vernacular content for women entrepreneurs and USS staff to meet user specific needs. Further, GeM will conduct online webinars for women entrepreneurs and USS staff and develop videos, eBooks, Manual and repository of FAQs for a seamless learning experience.

Social inclusion being one of its core values, Government e Marketplace [GeM] is focused on increasing participation from sellers and service providers who face challenges in accessing government markets. The launch of the “Stitching and Tailoring Services” is another significant step in this direction.

Government e Marketplace is a 100 percent Government owned Section 8 company setup under the administrative control of the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, for procurement of goods and services by State Government and Central Government organizations.



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