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Year End Review 2020: Department of Fisheries

Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) proves to be a Boon for fishermen across the country

44,935 Kisan credit Cards issued to fishers and fish farmers

Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF) is expected to generate employment opportunities to around 9.40 lakh persons in fishing and allied activities

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The fisheries sector has been recognized as a powerful income and employment generator as it stimulates growth of a number of subsidiary industries and is a source of cheap and nutritious food, at the same time it is an instrument of livelihood for a large section of economically backward population of the country. Fishery sector occupies an important place in the socio-economic development of the country. "Fisheries is a fast-growing sector in India, which provides nutrition and food security to a large population of the country besides providing income and employment to more than 28 million people.

India is the second largest fish producing country in the world accounting for 7.56% of global production and contributing about 1.24% to the country’s Gross Value Added (GVA) and over 7.28% to the agricultural GVA.Fisheries and aquaculture continue to be an important source of food, nutrition, income and livelihood to millions of people. Export earnings from the Fisheries sector has been Rs.46,662.85 crores during 2019-20. The sector provides livelihood support to about 280 lakh people at the primary level and almost twice the number along the value chain and the annual average growth rate in the Fisheries sector has been 7% over the last few years. Fish being an affordable and rich source of animal protein, is one of the healthiest options to mitigate hunger and nutrient deficiency. The sector has immense potential to double the fish farmers’ income by 2022, as envisioned by the Government of India. Hence it is essential that sustained and focused attention is given to the fisheries sector through policy and financial support to accelerate its development in a sustainable, responsible, inclusive and equitable manner. The details of achievement made during 2020-21 are as below:


  1. Pradhan MantriMatsyaSampadaYojana (PMMSY) (till 07.12.20)



  1. 4,171 hectares of pond area approved under inland aquaculture.
  2. 757 Biofloc units and 1242 Nos of Re-circulatory Aquaculture Systems (RAS) have been sanctioned (which has already surpassed the total RAS units sanctioned during CSS: Blue Revolution, 522 Nos).
  3. 3,763 Nos of cages and 72.7 hectares pens in reservoirs and other water-bodies approved.
  4. 109 Nos of fish/prawn hatcheries approved.
  5. 373 hectares of pond area approved under Saline-alkaline culture.
  6. 6 Nos Brood-bank facilities approved.



  1. 122 deep sea fishing vessel.
  2. 217 up gradation of existing fishing vessels.
  3. 2,755, Bio-toilets constructed in mechanized fishing vessels.
  4. 656 nos of sea cage for fish culture.
  5. 2, Small Marine finfish hatcheries.)
  6. 471 hectares of pond area brought under brackishwater aquaculture, 6 nos of brackishwater hatcheries.



  1. 1820 Nos replacement boats and nets for fishermen. (Table A-III a)
  2. Livelihood and nutritional support for 1,22,551, fishers’ families for conservation of fisheries resources during fishing ban/lean period.
  3. 20 nos Extension and support services.



  1. 70 Nos. ice plant/cold storages sanctioned.
  2. 127 Nos fish feed mill/plants.
  3. 6,288 units of fish transportation facilities viz., refrigerated (58) and insulated trucks (187), auto rickshaws (986), motor cycles (3036) and bicycles with ice box (1831) have been sanctioned. (50% of CSS: BR)
  4. 606 units of fish retail markets (43) and fish kiosks including ornamental kiosks (563).
  5. 41 value added enterprise units have been sanctioned so far.





  1. 8, Disease diagnostic centre and quality testing labs approved.
  2. 17 Mobile centres and testing labs approved.
  3. 2, Aquatic referral labs have been approved.



  1. 203 Nos of Ornamental fish rearing units have been sanctioned.
  2. 14 Nos of Integrated Ornamental fish units (breeding and rearing) have been sanctioned.



  1. 15,000 nos rafts approved for seaweed cultivation.
  2. 1,331 nosmonolinetubenet approved or seaweed culture.



  1. 50.6 hectares area of new pond has been sanctioned.
  2. 4 Trout hatcheries and construction of 958 new raceway units have been sanctioned.
  3. 16nos of RAS units sanctioned for coldwater fisheries.



  1. Total Project cost of Rs. 203.38 crore approved with a central share of Rs. 101.03 crore.
  2. Hatcheries : 25 Nos
  3. Fish Seed Rearing Unit : 182.2 ha
  4. Integrated Fish Farming : 563.4 ha
  5. Installation of cages in reservoir : 250 nos
  6. Re-circulatory Aquaculture System(RAS) : 22 units
  7. Ornamental Fisheries units : 47 Nos
  8. Biofloc units- 62 Nos
  9. Construction of new ponds- 673 ha
  10. Feed mills- 19 no’s



  1. Brood banks (including seaweed banks) : 6 Nos approved
  2. SagarMitras : 1997 Nos approved.
  3. Integrated Development of Reservoirs: 12 Reservoirs approved.
  4. Fish Farmers Producers Organizations(FFPOs): State/UT-wise targets for 720 FFPOs has been issued advising the States/UTs to submit the proposals.
  5. MatsyaSevaKendra: 20 units approved. State/UT-wise targets prepared. Concept on establishment and operation of the MSK is being finalized.
  6. Integrated Coastal Villages: Action Plan prepared and is being finalized.
  7. Integrated Aqua Parks: Action plan prepared. Salient feature of the action plan is being forwarded to the States/UTs requesting them to submit the proposals accordingly.


  1. KCC to Animal Husbandry farmers and Fisheries

As on date, a total of 44,935 KCCs have been issued to fishers and fish farmers. In addition, about 3.80 lakh applications from fishers and fish farmers are with the Banks at various stages for issuance of KCCs

3. Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund

The Union Government in its Budget 2018 has set aside Rs. 7,550crore for setting up of a dedicated Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF). The fund has the potential to benefit over 4 million marine and inland fishers especially women, SHGs, weaker sections, due to availability of modern infrastructure and added value of produce. FIDF will provide concessional finance to the State Governments/Union Territories, State entities, cooperatives, individual entrepreneurs, etc. for development of fisheries infrastructure facilities both in marine and inland fisheries sector.

The infrastructure facilities to be funded under the FIDF will broadly cover development of fishing harbours/ fish landing centres, fish seed farms, fish feed mills/plants, cage culture in reservoirs, mariculture activities, introduction of deep sea fishing vessels, setting up of disease diagnostic and aquatic quarantine facilities, creation of cold chain infrastructure facilities such as ice plants, cold storage, fish transport facilities, fish processing units, fish markets etc.

The fund would (i) fill the large infrastructure gaps in fisheries sector, (ii) create employment opportunity to the rural population in fishing and allied activities, (iii) contributes towards enhancement of fish production and productivity, (iv) offers manifold benefits and (v) fulfill the requirements of tapping the full fisheries potential and achieving the vision given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister for doubling farmers’ income.

The Fund would be created in collaboration with NABARD, NCDC and Specified commercial banks. National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) will be the Nodal Implementing Agency for overall coordination of the FIDF activities. FIDF is expected to generate both direct and indirect employment opportunities to around 9.40 lakh persons in fishing and allied activities.

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