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"CSIR-NML and KAMP Empower 150+ Teachers Nationwide with Cutting-Edge Experiential Learning Techniques in Science Education"

Posted On: 28 FEB 2024 10:46AM by PIB Delhi

On the 27th of February, a specialized online teacher training program took place, accommodating over 150 teachers from diverse schools, all across the nation. The program focused on the theme 'Fostering Experiential Learning in Science Education, Beyond the Textbook'. This event marked KAMP's fifth Continuous Professional Development program tailored for teachers in collaboration with the CSIR-NML. Participating educators engaged in comprehensive training sessions conducted by subject matter experts, covering various dimensions of science education.

Through this program, the teachers received the opportunity to interact and learn from prestigious scientists, Dr. Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury (Chief Scientist and Head of Materials Engineering Division at CSIR-NML), Dr. K. Gopala Krishna (Chief Scientist of Materials Engineering Division at CSIR-NML) and Dr. Animesh Jana (Senior Scientist and PI of Jigyasa, CSIR-NML).

The scientists delved into an array of subjects during their presentation, providing a comprehensive introduction to CSIR-NML. They specifically highlighted major focus areas within CSIR-NML, such as materials, minerals, national priorities at government level, effective management of primary and secondary resources, among others.

In their insightful discussion, the scientists introduced innovative tools aimed at enhancing the learning experience. They emphasized strategies for effective learning, smart teaching methodologies, and the importance of experiential learning. Additionally, they presented hands-on examples to illustrate key concepts, focusing on topics such as the concept of primary colors and electromagnetic induction, including the intriguing aspect of contactless electricity transport.

This multi-faceted approach not only broadened the understanding of the teachers but also provided valuable insights into fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students.

Towards the end of the session, Mr. Aniket Arora (Outreach Coordinator, KAMP) expressed his gratitude to all the Speakers and participants present in the session. He also mentioned the importance of such events and how KAMP believes that such experiential learning is the key to fostering teachers and students’ deep interest in and understanding of science & other developments in India.

Additionally, he informed the teachers about the upcoming activities like the online Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Scientific Excursions for students as well as Continuous Professional Development for educators to explore, discover, and engage with various scientific disciplines in a real-world setting at various eminent CSIR laboratories/Research Organizations in India.



CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR-NML) is a leading Indian research organization specializing in Minerals, Metals, and Materials, with a focus on science, technology, industrial services, and human resource development. Since its establishment, CSIR-NML has diversified its research areas, including extractive metallurgy, alloy development, refractory materials, corrosion studies, mathematical modeling of metallurgical processes, mineral research, advanced materials, integrity evaluation of industrial components, surface engineering, and sustainable metals production.


About KAMP

Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform is an Initiative and Knowledge Alliance of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) - National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (NIScPR) and industrial partner M/S Nysa Communications Pvt. Ltd. (NCPL), it intends to develop creativity, meaningful learning, critical reading, and thinking skills that bring out the inherent abilities of the students.



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