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Panchayat Development Index will help in comparing Panchayats in their progress of development goals across nine themes as well as in composite PDI score

Posted On: 05 DEC 2023 2:34PM by PIB Delhi

Ministry of Panchayati Raj has been anchoring the process of the localization of Sustainable Development Goals to achieve the Agenda of Sustainable Development by 2030, adopting 9 Themes. To assess and measure the progress made by Grassroots level Institutions in achieving Localized SDGs and thereby attaining SDG 2030, Ministry has released a report on Panchayat Development Index (PDI). Panchayat Development Index would play a significant role for performance evaluation and progress assessment in achieving the LSDGs in rural area.

Under the revamped RGSA, Ministry has been incentivizing best performing Panchayats through National Panchayats Award (NPA) by assessing their performance in the attainment of SDGs to generate positive competition among Panchayats. Thematic scores, across nine themes of Localized Sustainable Development Goals, obtained in preparation of PDI and the composite PDI score of the Gram Panchayats will help to assess their progress in achieving localized SDGs. PDI will also help in comparing the Panchayats in their progress of development goals across nine themes as well as in composite PDI score. Hence, PDI would spur the competitive spirit among the Panchayat to plan and work for developmental goals and scale up the visibility of holistic development at all levels by improving their position in comparison to their peer Panchayats.

PDI Report has illustrated the mechanisms for computation of Panchayat Development Index based on the local indicators of 9 themes, its data sources and monitoring mechanisms. PDI will be calculated on 577 Local Indicators of assessing development on 9 themes, 144 Local Targets and 642 unique data points to monitor the progress of LSDGs.

Ministry has taken various approaches for knowledge sharing with different stakeholders & partners on PDI. Series of State Level Workshop/Meeting with different stakeholders; development of AV Films, Learning Modules etc have been initiated to increase the knowledge on significance& institutionalization strategies to roll out PDI.

PDI will also spur the Panchayats to develop exemplary practices on different innovative models of themes of LSDGs through convergent mechanism. The good practices of the Panchayats are being replicated in other Panchayats through conscious process of sharing the best practices in the Panchayats with the other States and PRIs and thereby resulting in effective practices at grassroots level through sharing of experiences and expertise. External visits of PRIs within and outside the States are other method of knowledge sharing. At the same time Panchayat Learning Centres are being set up in States to disseminate the good practices adopted by Panchayats among other stakeholders.

 Ministry has initiated the process of institutionalization of PDI through various strategies & mechanism. States are apprised of the strategies adopted by the Ministry and are ready to use PDI for outcome oriented development goals at Panchayat levels. The outcome of PDI will measure the incremental progress through scores achieved by the Panchayat towards the achievement of LSDGs and the baseline data of PDI will help to set local targets & actionable points in preparation of evidence based Panchayat Development Plan for achieving the desired goals for improved performance.

This information was given by the Union Minister of State for Panchayati Raj, Shri Kapil Moreshwar Patil in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.



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