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Startup20 Engagement Group to celebrate a successful inception year with final summit in Gurugram

Posted On: 27 JUN 2023 4:36PM by PIB Delhi

The Startup20 Engagement Group, under the India G20 Presidency, is delighted to announce ‘Startup20 Shikhar’- the summit meeting of Startup20, slated to take place in Gurugram on July 3rd and 4th, 2023.

The summit, aptly named "Shikhar," which translates to "mountain peak" in Sanskrit, symbolizes the pinnacle of achievements in shaping the future of the global startup ecosystem.

It serves as a landmark event for the official release of the final Policy Communiqué. This comprehensive document represents the collective wisdom and tireless efforts of the Startup20 Engagement Group, comprising distinguished delegates from G20 nations and other invitee countries. The Policy Communiqué will lay the foundation for a transformative and inclusive startup ecosystem, fostering economic growth, innovation, and cross-border collaboration.

Over the course of two insightful days, the summit promises a diverse and engaging program, featuring dynamic discussions, enlightening presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities. The delegates will have the privilege to connect with industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders, forging strategic alliances and shaping the trajectory of startups on a global scale.

In addition to the discussion on building a global startup ecosystem, the summit will host a large Startup Conclave, where startups will not only showcase their products and services but will engage in investor pitches, mentoring sessions, and other networking opportunities. Like other Startup20 events, there will also be a healthy mix of art and culture at the event.

The summit embodies the immense potential of startups in driving economic prosperity and societal impact. By fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship, the summit aims to unleash the full potential of startups, propelling economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development.

Startup20 Chair Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "I think of this final leg of this year's Startup20 journey as a new beginning. We extend a warm invitation to delegates to join us in Gurugram and collectively celebrate the culmination of months of collaboration, consultation, and unwavering determination. We have built consensus over a first-ever powerful communiqué that we will harness the power of startups, paving the way for their vibrant and sustainable future."

The Startup20 Shikhar Summit signifies India's commitment to fostering an enabling environment for startups and reinforcing its position as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. It serves as a significant milestone in the journey towards unlocking the potential of startups to drive economic growth, job creation, and societal progress.

The Startup20 Engagement Group operates under the India G20 Presidency, aiming to shape the future of the global startup ecosystem. Comprising delegates from G20 nations and invitee countries, Startup20 strives to foster innovation, collaboration, and inclusive growth to unleash the full potential of startups for economic prosperity and societal impact.




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