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Workshop on 'Ease of Language in Movie Watching Experience' held at SCO Film Festival

Workshop showcases app enabling users to watch films in any language

Posted On: 29 JAN 2023 4:04PM by PIB Mumbai


Mumbai | 29 Jan 2023.


A workshop on 'Ease of Language in Movie Watching Experience' was held at Shanghai Cooperation Organization Film Festival today. The workshop showcased an application called Cinedubs, that has the ability to enhance cinegoers experience by providing them audio in the language of their choice.  Aditya Kashyap, Co-Founder and MD of Dubswork Mobile conducted the session.

Cinedubs enables users to enjoy movies in regional or Foreign languages irrespective to the language movie is being played in the theatre. It can also be used by home subscribers to enjoy movies and OTT shows in their preferred language. It helps in shattering language barriers and enable families and friends to sit together and watch movies in their desired language.

The App records original audio being played to identify the timestamp and then syncs preferred language with the playback. Aditya Kashyap successfully demonstrated working of this app to the audience at the workshop.

Aditya Kashyap stated that Cinedubs will allow movies to become cost effective for producers by increasing footfall in the theatres.  He informed the audience that R Madhavan starrer ‘Rocketry’ was the first movie on the Cinedubs platform. He remarked that the inspiration for the app is his experience watching Mission Impossible in Paris. The complete lack of the English language in French Theatres motivated him to work on the app.

The company aims to monetize its subscription base and gain advertisements to generate revenue. Founder Aditya Kashyap announced that the App will be freely available to first 10 Lakh subscribers.



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