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NIF brings herbal dewormer for livestock owners from indigenous knowledge

Posted On: 11 APR 2020 12:16PM by PIB Delhi

National Innovation Foundation India (NIF) has brought out an indigenous herbal medication (dewormer) in form of commercial product for livestock owners as an alternate to chemical method of treatment of worm.


In order to make the indigenous herbal dewormer titles ‘wormivet’ available for livestock owners, NIF worked on a medication in treatment of endoparasite (worm) infestation among livestock sent by Harshadbhai Patel, Gujarat, which was found to be unique. The anthelmintic activity of this medication in naturally infested helminthiasis was assessed. The results demonstrated successful impact of this medication. 


Patent was filed for this indigenous medication in 2007 and the patent was granted in the name of grassroots knowledge holder Shri Harshadbhai Patel on 29th November, 2016. Inorder to diffuse this technology to control endoparasite infestation among livestock, NIF value added and promoted development of a commercial product 'Wormivet' through Rakesh Pharmaceuticals, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.The model had demonstrated an improvised engagement of formal institution and orientation of research in developing, implementing products for needy locations, reassuring farming communities.


Livestock resources are recognized as an important means to sustain food demand and for sustaining local employment. Societies tend to protect animal health through its unique resource closest to its vicinity, like indigenous knowledge system.



Internal parasite is a significant health problem as it causes diarrhoea, loss in body weight, anaemia, reproductive health concern thereby limiting productivity and growth. Inappropriate use of chemical dewormer generates resistance. The presence of internal parasite during regular diagnosis and contamination of soil health by chemical based therapy necessitates alternative sustainable therapies.


In this scenarios, it becomes vital to recognize, respect and reward resolute belief of knowledge holders and their practices that were maintained over generations. Traditional system of medicine needs to be integrated in treatment for livestock health system. It is pertinent that such validated, socially desirable technologies be strategized, scientifically validated for inclusive development and benefit of larger society – a task that NIF undertakes.


NIF which enables protection of such viable, cost effective therapies and their large scale diffusion either through social or commercial channel, helped organise the knowledge to control endoparasite infestation and its valorization, leading to mainstreaming technology derived from knowledge of society.


(For more details: Mr. Tushar Garg, Scientist, NIF,, Mob: 9632776780)




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