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Department of Telecommunications, TCOE, kick starts its first outreach program, for the Transformative ‘Sangam: Digital Twin’ initiative at IIT, Delhi

Outreach Program aims at fostering interest and engagement among potential participants

DoT plans to host three outreach programs at IIT Delhi, IIIT Bangalore, and IIIT Hyderabad this month

Dr. Neeraj Mittal emphasizes the pivotal role of digital twins in modernizing infrastructure and fostering innovation, collective action, innovation and collaboration

Posted On: 05 MAR 2024 8:20PM by PIB Delhi


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), through Telecom Center of Excellence (TCOE) today kick started its first outreach programme, for the ‘Sangam: Digital Twin’ initiative, a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at revolutionizing infrastructure planning and management. Sangam Delhi was hosted at the prestigious IIT Delhi, with a theme “Bridging the gap between Innovation and Planning”, the event showcased cutting-edge insights and innovations poised to shape the future of urban development.

Dr. Neeraj Mittal, Secretary of Telecom, and Prof. Rangan Banerjee, Director of IIT Delhi, jointly inaugurated the event.

During the inaugural session, Dr Neeraj Mittal emphasized the pivotal role of digital twins in modernizing infrastructure and fostering innovation, collective action, innovation and collaboration. He highlighted the importance of leveraging digital twins and integrated data systems for infrastructure planning and development.  Dr. Mittal pointed out some key  features of the Digital Twins which included  its ability to replicate physical assets digitally, collect real-time data from diverse sources, and model process behaviours. “The goal”, he said, “is to improve operational efficiency, enable informed decision-making, and potentially save significant costs in infrastructure projects”. “The emphasis is on breaking down data silos, integrating data across departments and sectors, and harnessing advanced technologies like AI and large language models for better planning and decision-making”, the Telecom Secretary added.  He also expressed gratitude for the participation of industry leaders, startups, innovators and academia.

Prof Rangan Banerjee congratulated Department of Telecommunications for spearheading such an impactful initiative, anticipated its success and the significant advancements it will bring to our infrastructure and societal development.

The Outreach Programmes aimed at fostering interest and engagement among potential participants. With a carefully curated agenda, attendees were treated to a diverse array of speakers, including prominent leaders and innovators from various industries. The event provided a platform for networking, collaboration, and inspiration, setting the stage for the exciting journey ahead in the realm of digital twinning.

Throughout the day, participants delved into diverse themes, exploring the integration of real-time data, enhancing digital precision with Building Information Modeling (BIM), and driving innovation in urban planning and management.

Theme 1: Journey from Physical world to Real time Intelligent Virtual World

From Physical world to Real time Intelligent Virtual World by unlocking the potential of digital twins at Sangam. Industry showcased smart infrastructure by Eros, Geospatial Mastery by Genesys & ESRI and BIM by Bentley Systems delved into transformative technology discussions.


Theme 2: Breathing Life into Digital Twins: Dynamic Data Integration

It was discussed to infuse data streams from Road traffic insights by Nayan, telecom insights from Airtel India & Reliance Jio. It was all about harnessing diverse datasets at Sangam Outreach Conference.


Theme 3: Innovative Frontiers: Shaping the Future with Digital Twins and Advanced Technologies

Innovative Frontiers at Sangam, discovered, how Microsoft is revolutionizing data sharing with Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). Insights from Meta and WhatsApp about advance visualization technologies like AR/VR safeguarding privacy while driving innovation.

Theme 4: Building the Future Together -Going global

Dr. Javier, CTO of Aingura IIOT, joined remotely from Spain, at Sangam. He shared success cases in Digital Twins, aligning with the theme "Global Synergy: Unveiling Interconnected Digital Twins and International Best Practices."

"We are thrilled to witness the unveiling of the Sangam Digital Twin Initiative," said Asit Kadayan, DDG, DoT. "This initiative represents a paradigm shift in how we conceptualize and manage infrastructure, paving the way for smarter, more resilient cities."

As the telecom industry continues to embrace digital transformation, DoT through its initiatives like Sangam are poised to drive innovation and efficiency, shaping a more connected and sustainable future.


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched the 'Sangam: Digital Twin' initiative, an endeavor that welcomes Expressions of Interest (EoI) from industry leaders, startups, MSMEs, academia, innovators, and forward-thinkers. Digital Twin technology offers a solution by creating virtual replicas of physical assets, enabling real-time monitoring, simulation, and analysis for iterative experimentation and feedback loops to achieve optimal outcomes.

DoT plans to host next outreach programmes at IIIT Bangalore on 9th March and IIIT Hyderabad on 12th March, before the EoI submission deadline of 15th March, 2024.

About TCOE:

The Telecom Center of Excellence (TCOE) is a leading platform for innovation and collaboration in the telecom industry, driving initiatives to empower digital transformation and accelerate technological advancements.



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