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Backend Code of Aarogya Setu released in Open Domain

Posted On: 20 NOV 2020 7:38PM by PIB Delhi

The backend code of Aarogya Setu has been released in Open Domain by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. The code is available at

Open Forge is a platform set up by Government of India  to promote sharing and reuse of e-governance application source code. Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India has rolled out the "Policy On Collaborative Application Development by Opening the Source Code of Government Applications", which provides a framework for archiving government custom developed source code in repositories and opening these repositories for promoting reuse, sharing and remixing. By opening the source code, the Government wants to encourage collaborative development between Government departments / agencies and private organizations, citizens and developers to spur the creation of innovative e-governance applications and services.

With regard to Aarogya Setu App, it has been the endeavour of the Government to share all information relating to it. The source code of the Android and iOS versions were released earlier and the backend source code is also being released as per the policy of Government of India to share all code repositories with developer community.

Aarogya Setu App has been playing a key role in helping contain COVID19 Pandemic in India. Aarogya Setu App was launched by Government of India on 2nd April 2020 with active involvement of the best of the minds from Indian Industry, Academia and Government, working round the clock to build a robust, scalable and secure App. The App is now being maintained and supported by NIC. The development of the Aarogya Setu App in a record time to respond to the exigencies of the Pandemic is a testimony of the potential that India has in developing software products at scale. Aarogya Setu app has been developed in the most transparent manner and all details and documents including Privacy Policy and Aarogya Setu Data Access & Knowledge Sharing Protocols has been uploaded on the Aarogya Setu Portal – The portal has all details about the App including those regarding How the App works, COVID updates and Why one should use Aarogya Setu. Regular updates about Aarogya Setu App have been shared on all Social media platforms as also Government portals.

The App has been downloaded by more than 16.43 Cr users and has greatly augmented the efforts of front line health workers in the fight against COVID19. It has helped identify Bluetooth contacts of COVID positive users and issued alerts for helping people to stay safe. These Bluetooth contacts have been advised for caution, quarantine or testing depending on the extent of exposure to COVID19 positive user. Amongst those who have been advised testing, almost 27% have tested positive. This is much higher compared to the overall positivity rate of 7-8%. Thus, the efficiency of testing has gone up with Aarogya Setu. In addition, Aarogya Setu ITIHAS interface with location data has helped identify emerging hotspots where proactive steps have been taken by Health authorities and administration in order to contain the spread of the Virus. Thus, Aarogya Setu has proved to be very useful in India’s fight against COVID19. Release of the source code of the Aarogya Setu App is a step in the direction of reaffirming the commitment of the Government to complete transparency.



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