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English rendering of PM’s speech at inauguration of new Civil, Cancer & Eye Hospitals in Ahmedabad

Posted On: 04 MAR 2019 10:25PM by PIB Delhi

Firstly, we will pay respect to our brave soldiers by flashing the torchlight on our mobile phones. I request you to repeat after me. These are the slogans for our mother nation.

For our brave nation- mother India victory to thee.

For our victorious nation- mother India victory to thee.

For our brave soldiers-mother India victory to thee.

Thank you all.

My dear brothers and sisters,

I feel like telling you a lot today. Today is a historic day for all of us in terms of Ahmedabad’s development. Sometime back, the first phase of the Ahmedabad metro was inaugurated and the second phase’s foundation stone has been laid. It’s a wholesome project dedicated for the welfare of Gujarat and India. I would like to congratulate you all on the inauguration of these projects that are set to improve the living conditions in Gujarat.


Our long awaited dream came true. To come here, I have travelled in Ahmedabad's metro. I have felt the people’s enthusiasm and happiness, while travelling with them. My heart has filled with joy.

Many people were on their terraces to welcome their very own metro, just like they would gather to fly kites during ‘Uttarayan’ (celebration of summer solstice). All along the journey, I could see terraces full of people. The big dream of people of Ahmedabad had turned into a reality.


Metro’s phase one had already started and second phase’s foundation stone has been laid. No sooner did the first work finished, than we started work on the second phase. This is the advantage of our government that we don’t retire after our accomplishments; we get ready for the next project at hand. I say this with a singular meaning, Unlike congress (Smiles). This project is worth more than Rs.10000 cr.

It is going to be very beneficial to lakhs of Ahmedabad’s here and would bring about a change in the lifestyle here. Imagine the number of office-going people and school and college going children, entrepreneurs that would be alleviated from their troubles. Much time would be saved, and many traffic related problems would be solved as well. It would also ensure a cleaner environment. And you know our motto- ’if we lay the foundation stone of a project, definitely we will be finishing the project’. This means the foundation stone laid today for the metro, in 3, 4 or 5 years whenever it gets competed, I’ll be present at the inauguration.  All of this is possible because of your blessings.


Nothing would tell about our government’s transparency like the example I’m about to state. Till the year 2014, only 250 km long metro network was there, I’m quoting the current operational metro network which is 650 km long. All this happened within a matter of 55 months.

In addition to this, about 800 km metro network lines are being worked upon at the moment. In the coming year’s urban transport will embark on monumental changes.


I have started the facility of “Common Mobility Card” a while ago and dedicated it to the country. This will benefit not only Ahmedabad and Gujarat, but the whole country. You will be happy to know the scope of this program. It is through the use of ‘The RuPay card’. It is going to prove useful when you are traveling. Throughout the country people use different means of transport, like metro, bus or local train, and they have to pay at different places like toll gate, parking etc. Usually people have to carry their wallet, and liquid cash, and you know the difficulties faced at places of these sorts. A lot of time is wasted.

To overcome these difficulties we have developed a ‘Automatic Fare collection system. The challenge in implementing this system is that we have to import the technology from abroad. We were not able to create an integrated system because of the involvement of a lot of companies there. Hence, if the card works for a particular city, it wouldn’t work for another. To overcome this government has created a task force, and started working on this at a comprehensive level. Ministries and divisions were engaged in this work. Even banks were involved. Only one task was assigned to them, that is to develop a system where there shouldn’t be a need for multiple cards and the digital transactions go smoothly.

After several efforts, this dream of ‘One Nation-One card’ is being realized. With this ‘Common Mobility Card’ you can withdraw money and do shopping, and throughout the country you will be able to use it with different means of transport. To put it in simpler terms, your ‘RuPay Card’ is being combined with the ‘Mobility card’.

With this achievement, our dependency on foreign technology has ended. Now it is ”Made in India”. Now India has joined the list of a handful of countries which is going to implement ’One nation- One card’ system in its transport. Every youth will be proud of this technology made in our country. I would like to congratulate you all on this. It’s also a matter of pride for Gujarat that the metro coaches that are made here in Savli, Vadodara, are being exported now.

As you have seen me signaling a green flag to a train, ‘Patan-Bhildi’ railway line is inaugurated. A foundation stone has been laid to build a ‘double- track railway’ for ‘Anand-Godhra’ railway line. I was a small boy when every M.P. used to mention this ‘Patan-Bhildi’ railway line but it’s now a reality. You can imagine the time lapse between now and then.


The new generation can’t imagine the condition of Gujarat two decades ago. There were many places where there was scarcity of water. They had to roam from place to place for medical treatments. 24-hour electricity was a dream. The living conditions were so dire that people were forced to migrate. Nobody even cared about the Adivasis. Today, it’s the effort of each and everyone in Gujarat that led to its place in the world today. You together have changed the world’s perspective on Gujarat.

Brothers and sisters,

We are working for the all-round development of Gujarat at the state level and central level. In the past 55 months, keeping in view the necessities of all of Gujarat, from Umargaon to Ambaji, i.e., the eastern border, and the coastal line, and from Abu till Dahanu, from Rajasthan to Maharashtra, developmental work has been done in a well-planned structure.

The Adivasis in the eastern part and the fishermen families in the west and the line of Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Palanpur-Vapi-Tapi. If we consider Umargaon-Ambaji line, we focused on development of Adivasis. ‘All-weather-connectivity’ is established in all villages. And Rs.2800 crore worth water supply program is being built at the moment.

The water supply scheme of Dahod-Chota Udaipur using Narmada water, the ‘Pey jal Pariyojana’ (Drinking water scheme) for Narmada-Tapi district, water-supply scheme of Mahisagar from Kadana dam, the regional water-supply scheme of Sankheda-Pavijetpur, will satisfy the needs of lakhs of people in Umargaon-ambaji belt. The Dairy employment opportunities are being focused on. In Saberkantha, modern agricultural techniques are being developed under a partnership with Israel.


With the efforts of the government, we were able to screen the ‘sickle cell anemia’ in the Adivasi people. With this help they will be able to face the challenges in a better way. Adivasi children’s education is being focused upon. You will be shocked to know that there is not even one class XII science school in any Adivasi area or tehsil. Now a medical college is under construction, and many universities are being constructed there. Gujarat is a case-study when it comes to showing how, with sheer willpower, great things can be achieved.

With the help of ‘Van bandhu Kalyan Yojana’, we were able to develop many models of schooling, like residential schools, Ashram schools, Eklavya schools. More than 1100 hostels were built, which became helpful for over 2 lakh Adivasi children. In Narmada district, Birasa Munda Tribal University is built which is worth Rs 300 cr. There are special coaching classes for Adivasi students. The reserved medical seats for Adivasi students used to be empty, but now they are full.

The medical college built in Dahod-Palanpur, had also developed medical facilities in that area. Dahod railway workshop is being expanded now. You would have seen in TV that our Jasvantji Bhabor was in the railway yard, and I was inaugurating it with the help of a remote control. There is a place called Parel in Dahod, where the facility of railways used to be empty and dysfunctional. I used to work in those jungles about 30-40 years ago.

We have made it functional again, and the ability of it’s workshop has been increased 4 times, so that employment opportunities will increase. Till now only 450 goods-train wagons were able to overhaul in a year. It has been increased to 1800. You can imagine the increase in employment opportunity here.

Government is also focusing on tourism sector. In Kevadia, ‘Statue of Unity’ was built, which is the tallest statue in the world. It’s double the height of ‘statue of Liberty ’. You know how people throughout the country were enthusiastic about visiting it. Many developmental works are underway in Ambaji. In Rajpipla a ‘Tribal museum’ is being worked on at the moment.

Brothers and sisters,

The Adivasis, who have made sacrifices during our freedom struggle were not given their due respect and recognition. The Tribal museum aims at showcasing the involvement of Adivasis in our freedom struggle.


The ‘Maritime power’ of Gujarat is well known. From Umargaon till Kutch, a vast coast line, the biggest in our country, belongs to Gujarat.

Many projects are underway to develop this. The Ghogha-Dahej Ro Ro Ferry Service has made it easier for the passengers to travel and also save money and time.

With the help of SAUNI(Saurastra Narmada Avataran Irrigation) yojana, many irrigation and drinking-water projects have solved the water problem there. Government is also working on projects to bring clean water out of sea water. In many areas including Jodia distillation works are underway. To increase the connectivity of the coastal belt, using the ‘Sagarmala Yojana’, projects worth more than Rs.75000 cr are underway just in Gujarat. In Dwaraka, Government had established a marine police academy.

Brothers and sisters,

Along with progress in the 21st century, we are also taking steps to cherish our heritage. I was extremely fortunate to have got the chance to open the memorial of Gandhijis Satyagraha in Dandi, a few weeks ago. Today, a foundation stone has been laid for something really special and important, which will attract the attention of the world towards us.

It’s the 500 year old port here in Lothal. It’s the oldest port in the world. No other place on earth is as unique as this.

Now, that I have the chance to do something, being a part of the government , a ‘National maritime heritage complex’ foundation stone has been laid at Lothal. A historical museum is being constructed showcasing India’s maritime power, and our 5000 year old relation with the sea-life. This will kick-start global tourism here in Lothal , and there will be a lot of employment opportunities.


Lothal has been a beacon of our maritime prowess. It used to draw students from different nationalities, from the ancient university of ‘Valabhi’ situated near it, to study the ways in which a port works, and how business is conducted there. Legend has it that, there was a time when numerous flags of different nationalities used to wave here. National maritime heritage complex will once again recreate that. I have laid its foundation stone today and with your blessings I’m sure that I’ll be the one inaugurating it.


There will be museums, theme parks, a research center, hotels and resorts in the ‘National maritime heritage complex ’, to showcase the prosperous maritime heritage of India to the world. This will also create a lot of employment opportunities. This will introduce our rich heritage to India and to the world.


There will be many projects keeping in view the mid-belt of Gujarat, which can be called as the ‘central-Vista’ others being the western coastal belt, and eastern belt. The Mid-belt will have a bullet train connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai. This will increase the recognition of Gujarat in the World map. Also, it will increase the connectivity of young entrepreneurs here with Mumbai.

Today we have got the metro running here in Ahmedabad, employees from Central Gujarat will be benefiting from this. Sanand is being developed as a ‘Automobile hub’. Dholera is being developed as a ‘World-class commercial hub’. It already has a airport. Another airport in under construction in Rajkot.

Brothers and sisters,

Keeping in view the water necessities of central Gujarat, Narmada dam is brought under use, and related irrigational projects are focused on. Many projects are underway through ‘Sujalam-suphalam’ scheme. North and Central Gujarat are being benefited through this scheme of Narmada’s waters.


Today is special for me because of another important reason as well. Med-city is being expanded and the dream of bringing all the health facilities under one roof is realized today. Four hospitals are opened at once here. A special mother-child care hospital, a cancer hospital, eye and dental hospitals, are ready to serve you.


The project of converting the decades old ‘Civil hospital’ to a ‘Med-city’ started in 2008. I’m happy to announce that within a decade the country’s biggest health care facility, Med-city is ready for service. People are astonished at its scale, a campus accommodating 10000 doctors, medical students, Paramedical staff, sport staff, can together treat 10000 patients here in a day.

You can imagine it turning into a small village catering 20000 people. The capacity of beds is now increased to 5500, and will be increased even more. I am sure that the hospitals that are under completion now will be ready soon as well.


Friends, people’s health have always been a priority of our government.

This morning a hospital was opened in Jamnagar with a capacity of 700 beds. Be it north or east or west or south, India is experiencing the progress in the health sector. Overall there are 22 AIIMS in the country, few already working and a few are under construction.

Of these, in 15 AIIMS, work has been done only in the past 5 years. It is our goal to bring health facilities even to remote and small places. So we constructed a chain of institutions from wellness centres to medical colleges.


There was a time when the poor and lower middle class were left to their fate. There weren’t enough hospitals, and no schemes to support them. Crores of poor people were not able to check-in to hospitals because of lack of money. With ‘Ayushman Bharat’ and PM-JAY scheme, many are being benefited. Some also call it ‘Modi-care’.

I meet those beneficiaries and I get to talk to them. This scheme is indeed a boon to them.


This scheme is just more than 5 months old but already 14 lakh poor were benefited by it. Even the poorest of the poor are getting the best treatment. How is this made possible? It is you people who made this possible. You made the right decision in 2014 by voting for a strong government, which is benefiting everyone.

Brothers and sisters,

Our government has brought fundamental changes in our country’s politics. Even when it comes to the biggest and strongest of decisions we won’t back out. Even when it comes to fighting corruption or terrorism, you see where we stand.

If we refresh our memories about what happened in this civil hospital, which gives life, is the silent witness to bomb blasts, which took many lives. Do you remember? Terrorist attacks used to happen at the border. Should it not be the responsibility of the people sitting in the government then, to square this out?

Brothers and sisters,

My mind was filled with these, and I said publicly after ‘Pulwama’ that,

I’m just as wounded at heart as my countrymen are. If the government then had the power, they would have squared with the terrorists by crossing the border.

26/11 happened in Mumbai, many innocents were killed. In a few days everyone forgot about it. You tell me, whether we should fight terrorism? Shouldn’t it be vanquished from the roots? Who do you think can do this? Honestly? We punish the evil-doers on one hand and respect and honor the honest workers. I can’t forget the scenes of that incident when I come here. I won’t let go of those evil-doers unpunished. It’s unfortunate that a few people don’t get this. These politicians’ words are being discussed in Pakistan’s parliament, newspapers.

Is this in the goodwill of the nation? Do you say things that Pakistan appreciates? Our army did a brave feat. I won’t wait for long in these matters. To square up is my inherent nature. Till when will we let go of our innocent people’s lives. You tell me friends, Do you believe in our army?, in their words? Should I believe in them or not? There were a few ones who did not pay heed to our army’s words.

One shouldn’t pointing out at our Army. They put their lives at stake and fought for us and won. Why do some people lose their sleep over it? Just for instance, let’s say our army failed, who would the opposition blame? Now that our army won, they are politicizing this. Shouldn’t we respect our soldiers?. A few people are not able to tolerate this.

A few people say that this is all a political drama for elections. When we did surgical strikes, there were no elections. It is our motto to square even with terrorism. No country should be helpless. For 40 years terrorism kept on striking India. Innocents used to die in bomb blasts. Ones who are inclined to Vote-Bank politics, did not take a step to counter this. I am not after politics and positions. For me my country men and their safety are important. We shouldn’t politicize on everything. If you want to bring up a controversy, take my schemes or projects. Our army shouldn’t be a topic of controversy.

If they want they can point me out on my work, I don’t have a problem. But, our military forces shouldn’t be a topic of controversy. Brothers and sisters, I reiterate, I have come to the same place where I have seen dead bodies, wounded doctors and blood soaked nurses. I’m calling out on this with action.


Our government is bound to this policy of protecting its people and keeping their necessities as a priority. If you see, in this interim budget plans, we have taken some great changes for the middle class. We have increased the taxable income bracket to 5 lakhs. Three crore people got profited by this.


In the past 5 years, we have laid the foundation towards a modern India. We have created a work culture, in which everyone works with honesty and loyalty and towards the greater good of our country. Now, in the next five years we are going to build an eminent and strong India, on these very foundations. We will all continue work in this direction. I would like to heartily congratulate you all again on the completion of the projects and facilities. I am honored by the love you have shown towards me. Please repeat after me,

Mother India, Victory to thee.

Mother India, Victory to thee.

Mother India, Victory to thee.

Salutations to my motherland.

Salutations to my motherland.

Salutations to my motherland.

Thank you so much!




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