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HAM Operators from Cyclone Shelters of Nachugunta Island, Andhra Pradesh, excel in Island On The Air (IOTA) Expedition

 HAMs Promote Emergency Communication Preparedness: Engaging Local Schools and Villages

Self-designed and locally developed communication equipment, showcase"Make in India" initiative

One World One Language: HAMs Foster 4,000 Cross-Continental Contacts

Posted On: 25 FEB 2024 8:49PM by PIB Delhi

Advocating last mile connectivity and a HAM in every village, alongside the readiness of HAMs to aid in communication failures, a dedicated team of amateur radio operators (HAMs) embarked on a significant journey from the cyclone shelters of Nachugunta Island, Andhra Pradesh, to participate in the Island on the Air (IOTA) expedition.  It aimed atintegrating HAM education in primary and secondary schools for widespread adoption and enhanced disaster response across the country. Despite facing the challenges of a very difficult and remote location, these enthusiasts showcased the spirit of innovation and resilience that truly embodies the 'Make in India' ethos in the communication sector.



The In-charge of the Wireless Monitoring Station in Vijayawada and the Head of the International Monitoring Earth Station in Jalna, Maharashtra, accompanied by an official from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) headquarters, visited the remote site. During the visit, they commended the steadfast dedication of the HAM operators, acknowledging their efforts as a reflection of India's excellence in communication technology.


At the site, five Amateur High Frequency stations and one Amateur Satellite station were set up using most of the self-designed and locally developed communication equipment, showcasing India's commitment to the "Make in India" initiative. Operating from the disaster-prone village of Nachugunta Island (AS-199), located in the West Godavari District within the Vijayawada region of Andhra Pradesh, these operators utilized the cyclone shelters along the Bay of Bengal coastline as their base for communication.



In the course of their expedition, the team of HAMs made approximately 4,000 global contacts with HAMs including from US, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Europe, Soth Asia etc, showcasing their proficiency in establishing communication links across the globe. Moreover, they seized the opportunity to raise awareness about emergency communication preparedness, conducting sessions in local schools and villages to educate the community about the significance of effective communication during crises.


The success of this expedition not only highlights the technical expertise of the HAM operators but also underscores the importance of community engagement and preparedness in the face of natural disasters. Through their commendable efforts, the team has not only demonstrated India's capabilities in the field of amateur radio operations but has also contributed significantly to enhancing emergency communication resilience in vulnerable areas.


About Amateur Radio (HAM Radio)


Amateur radio is a popular hobby involving the use of radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial purposes. HAM radio operators communicate using designated radio frequencies, engaging in diverse activities like contests, emergency communication support, experimentation, technical learning, and community engagement.

The hobby offers a unique blend of technical learning, community engagement, and global connectivity through radio waves, emphasizing innovation and service.


About Islands on the Air (IOTA)


IOTA, or Islands On The Air, is a pioneering programme that connects radio amateurs worldwide with stations on islands. Established in 1964, it's managed by IOTA Ltd in collaboration with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), categorizing islands into groups for communication. For the latest updates, enthusiasts can visit DX information providers like 425 DX News, DX-World, Les Nouvelles DX, The Daily DX, and DX News.


About DX


DXing, taken from DX, the telegraphic shorthand for "distance" or "distant", is the hobby of receiving and identifying distant radio signals, or making two-way radio contact with distant stations in amateur radio bands.




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