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Doctors and Entrepreneurs shake hands with CSIR-CMERI for Alternative Oxygen Generation Technology

Posted On: 30 JUN 2021 8:27PM by PIB Bengaluru

A Webinar on ‘The Low and High Flow Oxygen Delivery System’ was organised by Br. MSME-DI, Mangalore in association with Indian Medical Association, Karnataka, M/s Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) and CSIR-CMERI on 29th June2021. Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI,was the Chief Speaker for the Virtual Event. Other notable speakers of the Webinar belonging from the MSME, Medical professionals and Industry representatives included Sri G.R. Akadas, Director, MSME – DI, Bangalore; Sri Devaraj K, Joint Director, Br. MSME-DI, Mangalore; Dr. Anuradha Paramesh, Vice President, IMA, Karnatka; Sri. Jagdish N. R, President, KASSIA, Shri Yogesh Acharya from Canara Bank,Dr.Ansuya, Dr.Sathyavathi besides participating a number of entrepreneurs from Micro and Small Enterprises.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI shared that the indigenously developed Low and High Flow Rate Oxygen Delivery System is premised upon a Modular Design Philosophy. Adding further Modules will further add Value to the Technology in terms of performance. Such a Technology Design may ensure that almost 2/3rd of the Oxygen Supply in a Large Healthcare Facility are provided by the Enrichment Units. CSIR-CMERI has worked with many Industry Partners across the Nation for dissemination of the Know-How to ensure Oxygen Sufficiency across the Nation. The handing over of the Know-how is basically a handholding exercise for the MSMEs whereby they are provided Technical Guidance as well as Raw Material Sourcing Assistance until the first prototype is developed. The Jumbo Cylinder based Oxygen Supply is both an out-dated Technology as well as has risks associated with storage and wastage.

The CSIR-CMERI Oxygen Technology is certified in compliance of WHO guidelines regarding the same. The MSMEs can pitch-in with indigenously developed Quality Oxygen generation products to save the society from the inconsistency menace. The CSIR-CMERI Low Flow Rate Oxygen Enrichment Unit (5 LPM) has significant performance advantages over Standard Market available concentrators in terms of endurance and consistency of performance. A 5 LPM Unit of the Low Flow Rate Oxygen Enrichment Unit has the capacity to deliver Oxygen/day equivalent to the volume Oxygen in a Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder. Oxygen delivery devises such Simple Face Masks, Venturi Masks and non-Rebreather masks have perforations on their sides, which make them extremely susceptible for transmission of Viral Load. Some Medical Facilities also uses Nebulizers for patients having transmittable disease, which is incorrect. Oxygen Concentrators with exposed Nasal Cannula should strictly not be used for treating transmittable diseases as the exposed nature of the same might infect nearby attendants. Latest Medical Literature also suggests that wearing N95 masks over Nasal Cannula also creates conditions for continuous rebreathing of Virus. High-Flow rate Oxygen delivery through Nasal Cannula of varying diameters has been successful in curing the disease, but this methodology is Oxygen intensive. The CSIR-CMERI Hybridized Oxygen Enrichment Unit will be able function along with existing Hospital Oxygen Infrastructure in tandem with Centralised or Cylinder based Oxygen Supplies and help save a lot of Oxygen.

CSIR-CMERI has been working on Hybrid Mask which fits perfectly and used along with Nasal Cannula and has dedicated Exhaled Airway Passage, BV Filter and CO2 Scrubber to minimize release of both Viral Load and CO2 into the nearby surroundings. Such masks will be useful for Hospitals and other similar spaces with Closed Circulation. The pressure built-up inside these masks is also negligible. CSIR-CMERI is also working upon the development of a Closed Loop Oxygen System which will be able to regenerate major portion of Oxygen-volume as consumed by patient.

To overcome the problems of Oxygen Concentrators available in India and Abroad, the CSIR-CMERI has developed Advanced Oxygen Enrichment Unit having independent control on Flow-Rate as well as FiO2 controls. The control over FiO2 in the system also boasts Oxygen purity up to 99%. This new innovation will be very useful for medical fraternity.

The cost effective 50 LPM and 100 LPM set-ups with Single Compressor for Rural Healthcare facilities are also being worked upon. This technology will facilitate Oxygenated Beds for 10 –bedded Centres. The High-Flow Rate Oxygen Enrichment Unit will be able to enrich Oxygen in the range of 42% to 93% and thus making them extremely versatile for usage.

Sri Devaraj K, Joint Director, Br. MSME-DI, Mangalore Welcoming the participants in the Webinar presented the brief of the programme and expressed gratitude towards the doctor’s community for their contribution during the pandemic period.

Dr. Anuradha Paramesh, Vice President, IMA, Karnataka Region presented the Inaugural Address and appreciated for conduct of such a unique webinar on the indigenous technology and desired to organize similar programme for IMA Hqrs in the coming days.

Sri. Jagdish N. R, President, KASSIA presenting his Address on the occasion highly appreciated for dissemination of awareness about the indigenously developed Oxygen Enrichment Device developed by CSIR-CMERI through organizing such programmes and said that it is very essential that proper awareness should be spread amongst the people for the positive and optimum management of Oxygen in the Society.

Sri. G.R. Akadas, Director, MSME – DI, Bangalore delivering the Presidential address on the occasion spoke that it’s a historical moment as doctors, technocrats and MSME people are sharing the even together. He shared that the pandemic has also provided an avenue for a number of MSME Sectors towards their efforts for ‘Make in India’. “We have seen the horrors of Oxygen supply in the recent times in the country but are happy to learn that CSIR-CMERI has come up with a ‘Made in India’ technology. MSME may come for the technology and the available doctors may provide their feedback on the same” added Shri Akadas. He further requested MSMEs to take full advantage of the Webinar and hoped that every hospital should be self sufficient in the country so that such crisis of Oxygen is not repeated in future.




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