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Electromagnetic Radiation Awareness

Department of Telecommunications, Tamil Nadu LSA

Posted On: 10 MAR 2021 4:36PM by PIB Chennai

There is an immediate need for faster expansion of telecom infrastructure in the state. This calls for speedy deployment of towers to expand and improve the coverage. However, due to misconceptions and misinformation, public at some locations are apprehensive whenever a tower is proposed in the vicinity of residence etc. Hence there is an acute and urgent need to create awareness about the reality about the safety of radiation from Mobile towers.

The frequency of the electromagnetic signal used in mobile communications is in the harmless non-ionising spectrum, much like the television and radio signals. Studies have been conducted by World Health Organisation and other scientific bodies and till date no conclusive evidence has been found to indicate harmful effects of tower radiations. However, adopting zero tolerance approach towards health of Indian citizens, Government of India has adopted very stringent norms by allowing just 1/10th of tower radiation as compared to international standards. India has adopted 0.45W/m2 compared to 4.5W/m2 stipulated by ICNIRP. These norms have been arrived at after extensive study by team of experts from IIT, AIIMS, ICMR and DoT etc. Therefore there is no harm at all in installing telecom towers in residential areas and in vicinity of schools, hospitals and places of worship etc.

Before commissioning of new BTS, Telecom Service Providers have to submit details of proposed upcoming radiation from new BTS to Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in Tamilnadu, DoT Tamilnadu LSA (Licensed Service Area) examines the details and only when proposed radiation is within the prescribed limits, acknowledgement certificates are issued.

Department of Telecom, have also uploaded detailed information on this matter on its website www.dot.gov.in Also, DoT has created a mechanism of auditing BTS to ensure that radiation limits from telecom towers are within limits. All telecom service providers have to give periodic certificates to this effect and DoT field offices have been mandated to audit 10% BTS every year. As a part of this, DoT Tamilnadu LSA till 28.02.2021 has tested 86715 out of 161314 BTS and found that 99.94% of BTS are within the permitted radiation levels. The non compliant BTS were penalized apart from ensuring immediate corrective actions. Apart from this, DoT has created a portal www.tarangsanchar.gov.in wherein there is a provision for the General Public to see the radiation level of towers in their vicinity by entering their pin code. They can also request for measurement of radiation levels of a site by DoT on payment of prescribed fee. DoT TN LSA has offices at Chennai and Coimbatore to conduct the audit of BTS.

From above, it is very clear that radiations from mobile towers are completely within safe limits and have no ill effect on health. Considering the mobile expansion plan for introduction of 5G, the number of towers are to be increased within the next 2 years. Therefore, DoT Tamil Nadu LSA hereby requests for co-operation among every stakeholder including the general public to shed all misconceptions about mobile tower radiations and come forward to extend all possible support for faster roll out of telecom infrastructure to meet the unprecedented demand for telecom service, according to a press release issued by Shri M. Venaiah, Director Service Compliance, O/O Advisor, TN LSA, DoT, III Floor, TNT Complex, No.60, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai-8.



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