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Mahatma Gandhi made an extensive tour of India.
Mahatma Gandhi made an extensive tour of India.
Mahatma Gandhi got an opportunity to undertake a mission of mercy
Mahatma Gandhi speak with inmates of a jail on 25th October 1947
Mahatma Gandhi Ji said my release has brought me no relief
Mahatma Gandhi deliver his message on importance of devotion to ones duties
Mahatma Gandhi's message in his own voice during Prarthana Sabha
Salt Satyagrah
Peace, non-violence, and self-suffering
Discourse on Ahimsa
Gandhi Ji on a Peace March
Mahatma Gandhi speaking during Prarthana Sabha
Mahatma Gandhi's message
Mai Khadi Hu
Mahatma Gandhi Ji accounted for every minute of his time during his imprisonment
Gandhi Ji relied on the natural cure. He had great faith in earth treatment
Gandhi - A man in loin cloth who brought a mighty empire to its knees
आपका कार्य कोई भी हो पर सफाई के लिए आपको हमेशा तत्पर रहना चाहिए: 14-09-1947
स्वच्छता के महत्व पर गाँधी जी के विचार : 01-10-1947
Ahimsa of the brave : 16-06-1947
Strength of Satyagraha: 17-10-1947
The finest hour: Noakhali,1946
What was Mahatma Gandhi's idea of Swarajya?
What is Satyagrah?
Mahatma Gandhi`s message against untouchability on 26th October 1947
Crime is a disease and jails should serve to treat the ailment: Mahtma Gandhi
India is a country of villages, and the country can not develop without the rural development
There is immense power in public opinion: Mahatma Gandhi
Work is worship, working with devotion is akin to seeing God: Gandhi Ji
Gandhi Ji had a firm belief that generosity instead of `tit for tat`, is a Noble thought
All living creatures have a definite nature to them - Gandhi Ji on 13 June 1947
Gandhi Ji in a discourse on Ahimsa underlines the essential philosophy behind it
An idle mind is the devil’s workshop & makes a person lazy: Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi ji was against untouchability and inequality
Mahatma Gandhi believed Charkha was a divine weapon for change
One should assimilate in oneself what is good in others and reject the bad: Gandhi Ji
Mahatma Gandhi's message during Prarthana Sabha on 13 May 1947
Mahatma Gandhi shook the British colonial government - Salt Satyagra
Salt Satyagraha shakes the foundations of the British Empire in India
1st Satyagraha experiment, South Africa
गांधीजी ने सत्य की लड़ाई के लिए क्या आदर्श रखे ?
Gandhi ji with the working class people of Manchester and London
Dandi march to break the Salt Laws
Women empowerment was a key program of Mahatma Gandhi
Khadi - A tool to weave the nation into a single thread
Gandhi Ji speaks about cleanliness
What were the earthly possessions of Mahatma Gandhi??