Ministry of Power13-October, 2013 20:21 IST
Apex Defence Crisis Management Group Reviews Relief Response to Phailin Affected States



1.      Preparations prior to Cyclone


1.1       Based on IMD information extensive prior preparations were undertaken to tackle the effects of Cyclone Phailin in the context of power requirements. Worst estimated districts were 3 in AP (Srikakulam, Vijanagram and Vishakhapatnam) and 14 in Odisha (9 coastal / 5 interior). 


1.2       Advance preparations were made to manage generation and load balance for unhindered and secure grid operation. Power stations monitored: AP - Simhadri and Vijayawada (both state government). In Odisha - Talcher (NTPC) and 4 state hydro  stations (Machkund, Balimelam Upper Sileru and Lower Sileru).


1.3       Important inter-state transmission lines, connecting Eastern to the southern region: the 2000MW Talcher-Kolar HVDC link and the 1000 MW Gazuwaka HVDC link were specifically secured for smooth operation by load simulation studies. Also 3 Emergency Restoration Systems (ERS) of PGCIL were put on standby readiness in AP and Odisha for quick deployment in the event of damage.


1.4       As Distribution network of 33/11kv and 132 kv was to be most affected and as the same is under state government control, required Round-the-Clock 24 hour coordination mechanism was set up. For this a 24 hour operating Control Centre was set up in the Ministry itself at the National Power Monitoring Centre (NPMC). The National Load Dispatch Centre under the control of POSOCO was operating 24 hrs and in touch with the regional dispatch centres of POSOCO and the state load dispatch centre (SLDC). A high level team headed by Additional Secretary in the Ministry was coordinating all the steps required including 2 hourly reports to all concerned.


1.      Post Cyclone status and management


2.1       As required load and generation were managed in a balanced manner so as to secure stable transmission frequency. Load was not much affected in AP (about 9000MW against normal demand of 10,000MW). In Odisha, it was reduced to about 22% to 25%, - about 600MW (normal demand 2800MW).


2.2       Interruptions in the Talcher-Kolar HVDC link at 3 locations around 23 hours / 01.19 hours on 12.10.13 / 13.10.13, were restored in very short time of less than 30 minutes. Also the southern connection was maintained through the alternate path of 1000MW Gazuwaka HVDC back to back link. No AC PGCIL line tripped. However upto 7 lines of 400kV, 17 lines of 220kV and 19 lines of 132kV have been affected concerning the state grid. This affected the power supply in the state. Presently all inter-state links to south are working (3000MW capacity out of 4000MW reported).


2.3       Substantial damage to the 33/11kV distribution network in the coastal districts is reported. On request of the state government, Ministry has directed all assistance to the state government for this task. In fact required gangs of men and material have been dispatched including ERS for line restoration from Mendhashal to Ganjam area already. Further 180 personnel from PGCIL, REC, NTPC,  NHPC etc have been put at the disposal  of the state government to assist in re-erction of the lines and damaged substations.


2.4       Some portion of the railway track in NTPC’s Talcher plant area was flooded causing disruption in coal transport. Steps are underway to pump water out. It is expected that power should be getting restored today itself.


2.5       Constant vigil is being maintained and Round the clock control room at the Ministry – NPMC – is in touch with all concerned. We expect the power infrastructure to be reasonably restored in the next 24 hours or so. Appreciation is due to the extensive efforts by all concerned in the transmission and generation of power for successful tackling of the cyclone.




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