Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
26-March-2013 15:43 IST
State Governments Advised to Promote Gender Sensitization
UGC set up Task Force to Promote Gender Sensitization and Safety for Women on Campuses

The State Governments have been advised by the HRD Ministry to promote Gender Sensitization. This includes curriculum and textbooks be re-examined and improved for gender positive materials and at least a 2-3 day gender module be conducted with all teachers during the annual in-service training programmes. The Ministry has also advised that school monitoring systems incorporate a checklist of such gender sensitive parameters that promote gender sensitivity in classroom transaction and school extra-curricular activities. It has also proposed that from upper primary classes, physical education classes should include training in self-defence for girls.

A Task Force was constituted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in January, 2013 to review the measures for ensuring safety of women on campuses and programmes for Gender Sensitization. This Task Force is mandated to review the present arrangements on campuses for the safety and security of girls and women.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is preparing the gender sensitization modules to train teachers and help students battle stereotypes against women from a young age. Gender Sensitivity training modules for teachers/trainers will be in the form of advocacy Programmes for sensitization and creating awareness. Also Master Trainer Programme for identified and motivated counsellors and nodal teachers. The programmes will also include Gender Sensitivity teachers/trainers’ manual and activity cards for students from classes I-XII. The latest syllabus on Health and Physical Education for classes I – X developed by the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) based on National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 includes topics related to self defence under the themes included for upper primary classes such as Human Body, Security and Safety, Self Defence and Protection of Others and Social Health.

The efforts have also been made to introduce value education and gender studies in school syllabus. The syllabus will include : introduction of value based questions in the Summative Assessment-II in classes IX-X and year end examination of classes XI-XII from the year 2012-13; publication of Teachers’ Manual on Environmental Education and Adolescence Education; and the Modules for Adolescence Education Programme include activities related to gender sensitisation.

RNM:DS:HKJ: gender studies (26.3.2013)