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Government of India
Ministry of Power
03-September-2012 16:51 IST
Capacity Addition Target

The Union Minister of State for Power Shri K.C.Venugopal informed the Rajya Sabha in a written reply today that the Planning Commission had originally fixed the capacity addition target of 78,700 MW for the Eleventh Plan. However, as per the Mid-term Appraisal (MTA) carried out by the Planning Commission, the capacity addition target for the Eleventh Plan was revised to 62,374 MW. Power generation capacity addition achieved in the Eleventh Plan is 54,964 MW (88% of MTA target). The capacity addition during the Eleventh Plan is about 260% of the total capacity added during the Tenth Plan. The major reasons for the shortfall in the achievement of 11th Plan capacity addition target include delay in the placement of orders for main plant equipment, slow progress of civil works, contractual disputes between project developer and contractor and their sub-vendors / sub-contractors, poor geology, flash flood, delay in land acquisition, environmental concern, law and order problems/local issues and difficult climate conditions.

The Minister further informed that several measures have been initiated by the Government to achieve the capacity addition programme during the Twelfth Plan. These include:

(i) Augmentation of manufacturing capacity of BHEL from 10,000 MW in December, 2007 to 20,000 MW by 2012.

(ii) Formation of several new joint ventures to manufacture super-critical boilers and turbine-generators for thermal power plants.

(iii) Periodic review of issues related to supply of power equipment from BHEL by a group under the chairmanship of Secretary (Heavy Industry).

(iv) Rigorous monitoring of projects at different levels including by Ministry of Power, Central Electricity Authority and Power Projects Monitoring Panel.

(v) Introduction of web-based monitoring system.