Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
26-April-2012 17:22 IST
ISO Projects Global Surplus of Suga
r The 41st Session of the International Sugar Council, consisting of 86 countries of the world, concluded that the world sugar economy has a global surplus and tentative projections suggest that the world sugar balance will remain in surplus also in 2012-13.

Addressing the media persons on the conclusion of the session here today the Chairman of the Council, Dr. B.C. Gupta, who is also Secretary, Department of Food & Public Distribution, Government of India, stated that there was tremendous scope in all parts of the world for production and use of ethanol which could act as a big stabiliser for the health of the world sugar industry. He dwelled at length on ‘food versus fuel’ debate saying that there was growing awareness among all countries for more and more use of ethanol.

Dr. Gupta also stated that the recent sugar surplus was due to increase sugar beet production in Russia and European Union. There was tremendous scope in countries like India for growing and developing sugarcane to act as a source of sugar and ethanol. Dr. Gupta further advocated strongly that there was a possibility of making ethanol from cellulosic material including bagasse and efforts were already being made in this direction in India and other parts of the world. The technology was available but there was a need to make it more cost effective. Dr. Gupta also stressed the need for adopting the Indian model of Cooperatives in other parts of the world in this International Year of Cooperatives 2012. The growers themselves could form into Farmers’ Association like Cooperatives and handle all operations concerning the sugar sector from farm level to actual industrial operations.

On the penultimate day of the session, the ISO Secretariat presented Market Evaluation, Consumption and Statistics studies conveying the outlook of sugar and ethanol production in Brazil, developments and drivers of sugar market in CIS Customs Union counties arid alternative sweeteners in a high price environment. Opportunities for developing derivatives from the sugarcane crop such as bio-plastics and bio-chemicals held the interest of the delegates.

The quarterly market outlook of February, 20122 indicates that after two years of a large statistical deficit and one season of balanced sugar production and consumption the world sugar economy has a global surplus which may rise beyond 6 millions tones. Tentative projections suggest that the world sugar balance will continue to remain in surplus in 2012-12. The outlook for global fuel ethanol production is forecast to rebound in 2012 after some sluggishness. Brazil and the USA will continue to be the main drivers.

The Council also discussed sugar scenario and future challenges. Scientific advances in sugarcane development and its utilization, the role of cooperatives in the context of the International Year of Cooperatives and new trends in the global market were also discussed. An interactive discussion on the perspectives on the Indian sugar industry by a panel of eminent personalities from the industry was well received

Mr. Geo Govindan of Mauritius was elected Chairman of the Administrative Committee of the ISO for 2012. The council session chaired by Dr. B.C. Gupta, Secretary (Department of Food and Public Distribution, Government of India and Chairman of the Council concluded with a report on the administrative matters of the ISO and a discussion on national policies related to sugar. The dates for the next session have been announced for 27th – 30th November 2012 at London.