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Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
20-December-2011 17:50 IST
Balanced and Integrated Nutrient Management to Sustain Fertility of Soil
A study carried out by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (lCAR) indicated that nonĀ¬-judicious and imbalanced use of chemical fertilizer over the years have resulted in deterioration of soil fertility in several parts of the country, particularly in the intensively cultivated area of Indo-Gangetic plains. The latest estimates of nutrient deficiencies in the country are: Nitrogen - 90%, Phosphorus - 80%, Potassium - 50%, Sulphur - 41%, Zinc - 49%, Boron - 33%, Molybdenum - 13%, Iron - 12%, Manganese - 5% and Copper - 3%.

Agricultural scientists have recommended soil test based balanced and integrated nutrient management (INM) through conjunctive use of both inorganic and. organic sources of plant nutrients including secondary and micro-nutrients to sustain soil fertility and productivity.

National Project on Management of Soil Health & Fertility has been launched during 2008-09 to promote soil test based judicious use of chemical fertilizers for improving soil health and its productivity. The scheme includes setting up of new static/mobile soil testing lab, strengthening of existing soil testing laboratories, training & demonstrations on balanced use of fertilizers and promoting use of organic manures, soil amendments and micro-nutrients.

This information was given by Shri Harish Rawat, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.

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