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Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
20-December-2011 15:57 IST
Durban Conference on Environment Related Problems
whether it is a fact that a world level Conference was held recently in Durban from 28 November to 9 December,2011 to discuss the environment related problems;

(b) if so, whether India also played a significant role in this Conference;

(c) if so, the reaction of Government in this regard; and

(d) the decisions taken in the Conference mainly through consensus?

The seventeenth session of the Conference of Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Durban from November 28 to December 9, 2011 to discuss and decide upon various issues relating to climate change under the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol.

India played a significant role in the success of the Durban Conference. In Durban, India played a key role in establishing the second commitment period under the Kyoto protocol with effect from January 1, 2013, immediately after the expiry of the first commitment period.

In Durban, it was also decided to begin a process for developing legal arrangements for enhancing actions of all parties under the Convention. India ensured that the new arrangements, which have to be decided by 2015 and implemented from 2020 are established under the Convention. India highlighted the issues of equity and Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) in the climate change negotiations. With support of India, the Green Climate Fund was also established in Durban.

The decisions by the Conference of Parties to UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol are taken on the basis of consensus.

The Minister of State for Environment and Forests (independent charge) Shrimati Jayanthi Natarajan gave this information in a written reply to a question by Shri Ram Jethmalani and Shri Shivanand Tiwari in Rajya Sabha today.