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Government of India
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
16-December-2011 15:34 IST
Developmental Programmes for Tribals


The Ministry of Tribal Affairs is implementing Central Sector, Centrally Sponsored and Special Area Programme for the integrated socio-economic development of all  Scheduled Tribes in the country. These schemes/programmes are meant for welfare of  the tribal people, including those living in Maoist affected areas.  A list of  major schemes/programmes of the Ministry is Annexed. The Integrated Action Plan (IAP) was approved on 25.11.2010 for 60 selected tribal and backward districts of  nine States with a block grant of Rs. 25 crore and Rs. 30 crore per district during 2010-11 and 2011-12 respectively.   This grant is utilized by the implementing agencies for a plan drawn up by District Level Committee which includes activities for public infrastructure and services such as school Building, Angwanwadi Centres, Primary Health Centres, Drinking Water, Electric lights in public places etc.


Implementation of the Integrated Action Plan (IAP) in Selected Tribal and Backward Districts has commenced and Rs. 25 crore per district for 2010-11 has been released. For the year 2011-12 an amount of Rs. 10 crore per district has also been released to all the districts and the next tranche of Rs. 10 crore to 40 district i.e. an amount of Rs. 1000 crore has been released.  The expenditure reported by the districts is Rs. 1421 crore i.e. about 56.84% of the total amount of Rs. 2500 crore released so far. Planning Commission has also developed a Management Information System (MIS) to monitor the progress of implementation of the major schemes in these Selected Tribal and Backward Districts covered under the Integrated Action Plan (IAP).


The above information was given by the Minister for Tribal Affairs Shri V. Kishore Chandra Deo  in the Lok  Sabha today.







            Central Sector Schemes

1.                  Grant-in-Aid to Voluntary Orgainzations (under which residential, non-residential schools, computer training centrers and knitting, weaving & handloom training centres run by NGOs for Scheduled Tribes students are supported, apart from hospitals, mobile dispensaries etc.).

2.                  Vocational Training in Tribal Areas.  The Schemes of Vocational Training in tribal Areas a self-employment or employment oriented scheme aimed at benefiting ST boys and girls equally.

3.                  Scheme of Strengthening Education among Schedules Tribes (ST) Girls  in Low Literacy Pockets.

4.                  Development of Primitive Tribal Groups

5.                  Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for STs.

6.                  Top Class Education for ST students.

7.                  Scheme of National Overseas Scholarships for STs.


Centrally Sponsored Schemes

8.                  Schemes of Post Matric Scholarship for ST students.

9.                  Upgradation of Merit of ST Students.

10.              Scheme of construction of hostel for ST Girls and  Boys.

11.              Scheme of Establishment of Ashram Schools in Tribal Sub Plan Areas


Special Area Programme

12.              Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub Plan for employment-cum-income generation activities.

13.              Grant-in-Aid under Article 275(1) of the Constitution for promotion of Welfare of Scheduled Tribes and upgradation of the levels of administration of Scheudled Areas.  A part of grant under Article 275(1) of the Constitution is used for setting up of “Ekalavya Model Residential  Schools” for providing quality education of ST students (both grils and boys) from Class VI to XII.


This Ministry is also implementing the Schduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 which seeks to recognize and vest forest rights over forest land in forest dwelling STs and other traditional forest dwellers.