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Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
15-December-2011 13:55 IST
Farm Mechanisation efforts need to be Intensified: Shri Pawar
Parliamentary Consultative Committee of Agriculture Ministry meets
Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries Shri Sharad Pawar has underlined the need for intensifying farm mechanisation efforts in the country through consolidation of existing schemes and additional strengthening in terms of new programmes, human resource development and infrastructure.

Addressing the Parliamentary Consultative Committee attached to his Ministry here today Shri Pawar said that the R&D and promotion of farm mechanization should be implemented through a mission mode in view of its impact on productivity, profitability and sustainability of the agriculture. The emphasis should be on R&D in emerging key areas, enhancement of energy efficient mechanized operations, promotion of custom hiring, cooperative management of farm machinery and training to village artisans in operation and maintenance of tractors and allied machinery.

Shri Pawar said, “Small and marginal farms constitute the core of Indian agriculture. However, mechanizing small and disjointed group of farms is against economies of scale especially in operations like land preparation and harvesting. With continued shrinkage in average farm size, more and more farms will fall into adverse category thereby making individual ownership of agricultural machinery progressively more uneconomical. Custom hiring based business models need to be worked out with adequate institutional credit support for such enterprises. With improved literacy rate at rural level, a large population of rural youth is available who can act as custom service providers with institutional credit backup provided by banks, cooperatives, marketing boards and other financial agencies.”

The Minister said, “Manufacturing of farm machinery in India is largely under unorganized sector except tractor, power tiller, spraying equipment and few others. Without proper infrastructural and credit support system, maintaining the desired manufacturing standards and quality of implements is a difficult task. Therefore, unorganized manufacturing sector of farm implements should be supported with necessary infrastructural credit to improve their competitiveness. However, a mechanism needs to be brought in for enforcement of quality and safety standards in implement manufacturing. This will not only ensure reliable farm machines but also help in reducing agricultural accidents.”

The Minister said that sustained efforts of R&D institutions, industry and government support have resulted in a number of successful mechanization initiatives and achievements over the past two decades. He informed the Members that India is the world leader in the production of tractor with over 4.5 lakh tractors produced annually. Single run machines such as rotavator, zero till drill, harvesters and combines have made a significant impact on agricultural operations.

Shri Harish Rawat and Dr. Charan Das Mahant, Ministers of State for Agriculture were also present in the meeting.

MPs who participated in the meeting are: Shri A Ganeshamurthi, Shri Sharief-ud-din Sharif, Shri Dhruva Narayana Rangaswamy, Shri M. Krishnaswamy, Shri Govind Chander Naskar, and Shri Kunvarjibhai Bavalia of Lok Sabha.

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