Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
14-December-2011 15:18 IST
“Indian Army’s Winter War Games Culminate in Rajasthan”
The Chief of Army Staff, Gen VK Singh visited Rajasthan to witness the culmination phase of Exercise “SUDARSHAN SHAKTI”. The Southern Army Commander, Lt Gen AK Singh accompanied the Army Chief to witness various innovative manoeuvres of the exercise. Also present were Senior officers from Army and Air Force.

Gen VK Singh during his visit to the various formations and units viewed the operational procedures, of an integrated theatre offensive. Various operational contingencies were simulated and response strategy debated and executed. The Army Chief surveyed the operationalisation of seamless network of information systems, quick and effective decision making, on-call air and artillery support, with a dynamic and lean logistics back-up; all of which enhanced the effectiveness of the operational manoeuvres as per Lt Gen Sanjeev Langer, GOC Sudarshan Chakra Corps.

The implementation of Transformational Initiatives that were tried out will be receiving the personal attention of the Southern Army Commander and Army Chief, who have been at the forefront of the proposed changes.

Curtains thus came down on one of the largest, most innovative and daring exercise “SUDARSHAN SHAKTI”. As the troops now head home after a gruelling three months of intense training.