Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Civil Aviation
07-December-2011 16:55 IST
Air Safety Norms
DGCA follows a zero tolerance policy on safety norms. In order to ensure this DGCA has following processes:-

• DGCA makes annual program for surveillance/safety checks to be carried out by each Directorate and the same is displayed on the website of DGCA.

• The deficiencies observed are categorized depending upon the level of severity as Class 1 and Class 11 deficiencies. All the findings are discussed for appropriateness of the action taken.

• In addition, all the airlines are required to carry out Internal Safety Audit and monthly Surveillance Checks. Report of such Audit and Surveillance checks are to be submitted to DGCA along with the action taken by the organization. Safety Inspections by the operator are also examined during safety checks by the DGCA officers.

All the Airlines including Government owned Airlines have Flight Safety Manual and Chief of Flight Safety. Chief of Flight Safety of all the Airlines including the Government owned Airlines are approved by DGCA. Requirements for Flight Safety Manual and Chief of Flight Safety are given in CAR Section 5, Series F Part 1.

This information was given by the Minister of Civil Aviation, Shri Vayalar Ravi in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.