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07-April-2011 19:14 IST
Near Normal Summer This Year: Dr Tyagi
There will be a near normal summer this year in the country. There will not be a persistent heat wave this year. Temperature may go beyond 45o in certain pockets, but number of such days will be very less. Certain pockets in northern India will have 1 to 2 degree high temp than normal at times and eastern India will remain cooler. The peninsular region and central India will be near normal.

Inaugurating a roundtable conference with Hindi print and electronic media reporters, Editors and producers on ‘Weather Systems during the Summer Season’ here today, Dr Ajit Tyagi, Director General, India Meteorological Department (IMD)said, “As far as temperature over the country during this summer are concerned, during the month of April, the temperature will be 1o to 2o centigrade above normal. This will prevail in Northern parts of the country. The normal temperature during April in north India is 38 to 40 degree. In eastern parts, the temperature will be cooler by 1 to 2 degrees centigrade than normal where in certain pockets it will get cooler by 3 to 4 degrees. Over peninsula and central parts of the country, the temperature will be near normal. This is based on the global models which are giving predictions for the month of March, April and May.”

The La Nina and El Nino phenomena which occur in Pacific Ocean have impact on monsoon. Last year, setting in La Nina was one of the positive factors to have good monsoon in the country. The La Nina condition which prevails today is gradually weakening. As per Global Model, La Nina condition will continue till May-June. Neutral conditions are expected during coming monsoon, Dr Tyagi informed.

Regarding pre-monsoon rains Dr Tyagi said, “There is a light rain after every 5-7 days during last month. A thunder-storm is expected after about four days in north west India which will create cool atmosphere. Constant disturbances from west during March this year are expected to continue during the month of April.

‘Climate of Delhi’ book was released today. It contains monthly summaries, divided into four seasons, describing the averages and extremes of temperature, rainfall, wind and humidity. Occurrences of different weather phenomena such as heavy rains, thunderstorms, hailstorms, dust storms, squalls and fog are described in detail to provide information as to how many of these phenomena occur on an average and what have been their highest occurrence in the past. A book on terminology in Hindi regarding weather predictions and meteorology was also released.

Regarding Modernisation of the IMD, Dr Tyagi said, “Doplar radar had been installed in Delhi, Nagpur & Hyderabad. One is being installed at Mumbai. Agartala, Patna, Lucknow, Patiala, Barmer will also have Doplar radars soon. Automatic weather stations, high power computing units etc are installed to keep ourselves at par with what is the best in the world and to keep our selves up dated with current happenings around the world. this process is going on since last three years and will continue.”