Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
09-March-2011 18:27 IST
DDA Projects for Dwarka, Narela and Dhirpur


            Details of Projects planned/to be undertaken at Dwarka as intimated by DDA include:

i)                    Development of Golf Course at sector-24, Dwarka

ii)                  Construction of Socio-Cultural centre at sector-11, Dwarka

iii)                Development of  Bhart Vandna Park

iv)                Providing/Laying of dense bituminous concrete on Master plan roads 

            v)         Development of Sports Complex in sector-8, 17,19 & 23

vi)           Construction of Community Hall in Dwarka; Sector-3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16-A, 16-B & 19 & Village Palam, Village Dhool Siras, Village Pochan Pur

            vii)       Construction of Community Centre at sector-17, Dwarka    

viii)      Online Channel treatment of polluted water flow in Palam Drain from Madhu Vihar to     out fall of Najafgarh Drain, Dwarka

            ix)        Construction of Command Tank No-6 at sector-26, Dwarka

            x)         Laying lines for treated effluent to be supplied in parks

xi)        Construction of 100 m Right of Way, Urban Extension Road No.2  from Najafgarh     road to NH-8 passing via Dwarka



            Details of Projects developed in Narela as intimated by DDA include :-

i)                    Construction of 80 m Right of Way, Urban Extension Road No.1 from         

                       Western Yamuna Canal to NH-1(Phase-I of road 7 km constructed)

ii)      Construction of 100 m Right of Way, Urban Extension Road No.2      from Western Yamuna Canal to NH-1(Phase-l of road 3.2 km constructed)

iii)        170 MIG Houses in pocket B-4

iv)        940 EWS Houses at pocket-7,sector A-6

 v)        608 Janta Houses at pocket-11, sector A-6

vi)        48MIG/48LIG in pocket-l in sector A-9

vii)       64MIG/184LIG in pocket-3, sector A-9

viii)      120MIG/96LIG in pocket-4, sector A-9

ix)        64 MIG/24 LIG in pocket-4, Sector A-9

x)         64 MIG/88 LIG in pocket-1, sector A-9

xi)        96 MIG/112 LIG Pocket-2, Sector A-10

xii)       96 MIG/112 LIG Pocket-6, sector A-10

xiii)      96 MIG/120 LIG Pocket-6, sector A-10

xiv)      1260 LIG in Sector B-2

xv)       348/344 Janta Houses in pocket-1, sector A-5

xvi)      312 Janta Houses in pocket-1, sector A-5

xvii)        672 MIG Houses in pocket-6, sector A-5

xviii)    Sport complex.


            DDA has also informed that no project has been developed by it in Dhirpur.


            DDA has informed that as far as major sub city development projects, like Narela,  Dwarka and Dhirpur are concerned, there is no other project as on date.


(d)       :           Details of DDA’s plans relating to the construction of flats in coming years as informed by DDA include:


(i)         6340 Houses in G-2,G­-6, G-7 & G-8, Narela

(ii)        10860 Houses in sector-34 & sector-35,  Rohini       

(iii)          316 HIG Houses in sector-26, Rohini.

(iv)    256 Multi-storey Houses in sector-19, Rohini

(v)        50 LIG Flats in Pocket-J, Sector-16, Rohini

(vi)       1240 HIG (Multi-Storey) Houses in sector 19-B, Dwarka

(vii)      208 HIG (Multi-Storey) Houses in sector-14,  Dwarka

(viii)     346 MIG Houses in pocket-2, Sector 16-B, Dwarka.

(ix)          352 Multi-storey houses in pocket-3, Sector-19, Dwarka,

(x)        483/384 Multi-storey Houses at sector A-9, Narela

(xi)       160 MIG Houses at Pocket-9-B, Jasola

(xii)      240 Multi-storey flats at Bakkarwala


This information was given by Shri Saugata Roy, Minister of State for Urban Development  in a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha today.