Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Power
09-March-2011 16:44 IST
Hydro Power Projects
Detailed Projects Reports (DPRs) of 16 hydro electric (HE) projects in the State-sector were received from various State Governments for concurrence of Central Electricity Authority (CEA) during the last three years (from 2007-08 onwards).

Out of the above 16 DPRs, DPRs of 3 HE projects, namely Gundia HE Project Stage-I (200 MW) – Karnataka, Baglihar HE project Stage - II (450 MW) – J&K and Sainj HE project (100 MW) – Himachal Pradesh have been accorded concurrence by CEA. DPR of one project, namely Shongtong Karcham HE project (450 MW) in Himachal Pradesh, is under examination by CEA, Central Water Commission (CWC) and Geological Survey of India (GSI). DPRs of remaining 12 HE projects have been returned to State Governments on account of various deficiencies/ inadequacies in the DPR, cost of the project being less than Rs. 500 crores for which concurrence of CEA is not required, etc. The States have been advised to resubmit these DPRs after incorporating the required details/ inputs in the DPRs.