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Ministry of Home Affairs
01-March-2011 19:23 IST
Report Card of Ministry of Home Affairs for February 2011

The Union Home Minister, Shri P. Chidambaram presented the Report Card of the Ministry of Home Affairs for February,  2011 here today.  Following is the text of his statement:

“I present the report of the Ministry of Home Affairs for the month of February, 2011. 

            On February 1, 2011, the Conference of Chief Ministers on Internal Security was held at New Delhi.             Later that day, a meeting of Chief Ministers of seven naxal affected States – Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Orissa and West Bengal was also held.

            One of the significant developments during the month was the commencement of formal talks with United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA). On February 10, 2011, ULFA leaders called on me and, subsequently, on the Prime Minister

Visit to States and UTs

            On February 3-4, 2011, I visited Jammu and Kishtwar. In Jammu, I held a meeting with the Chief Minister, J&K and senior officers to review the security situation in the State. In Kishtwar, the Chief Minister and I held a security review meeting with the DIsG, SsP and DCs of Kishtwar, Doda, Ramban, Reasi and Udhampur districts.           

            On February 6, 2011, I visited Puducherry and at a meeting with the Chief Minister, Ministers and other senior officials, I reviewed a number of administrative matters concerning the UT of Puducherry

            On February 10-11, 2011, I visited the Central School for Weapon and Tactics (CSWT), BSF, Indore and the BSF Academy at Tekanpur and reviewed the training capabilities and infrastructural facilities

Internal Security        

            The SRE Committee approved the revised Work Plan 2010-11 for LWE-affected States under SRE scheme.  The total expenditure has been revised upward from Rs.331.12 crore to Rs.507.08 crore.

            An amount of  Rs. 62.22 crore was released to the LWE-affected States as the 3rd instalment of advance under SRE Scheme for implementation of Work Plan 2010-11.

            On February 18, 2011, I held a video conference with the District Collectors of 60 LWE-affected districts and reviewed the implementation of the Integrated Action Plan.

             Rs.3.90 crore was sanctioned to CPMFs deployed in LWE-affected States for carrying out programmes under Civic Action Plan.

            A sum of  Rs. 42 lakh was sanctioned as assistance to 14 beneficiaries at the rate of ` 3 lakh each under the Central scheme of assistance to the victims of terrorist/communal/naxal violence.

Jammu and Kashmir

              The two Special Task Forces appointed to examine the developmental needs of Ladakh and Jammu regions, especially infrastructural needs, submitted their reports on January 31, 2011 and February 8, 2011, respectively.  In his Budget speech, the Finance Minister announced a provision of  Rs. 100 crore and Rs. 150 crore, respectively, to implement the recommendations of the two Task Forces.

            On February 7, 2011, sanction was issued for Rs. 20 crore for upgradation of two Trade Facilitation Centres (TFC) at Salamabad – Uri (district Baramulla) and Chakan-dabagh (district Poonch) for cross LOC trade.

            On February 9, 2011, approvals worth Rs. 29.58 crore were given for the execution of various works under SRE schemes.

            On February 10, 2011, Rs. 20.86 crore and Rs. 1.91 crore were reimbursed to the Government of J&K under SRE(P) and SRE(R&R), respectively.

            On February 17, 2011, Rs. 5.10 crore was reimbursed to the Government of J&K towards ex-gratia relief paid to 102 families of the deceased persons killed in the civil disturbances during June to September, 2010.      

North East                                

            On February 9, 2011, a meeting of the Consultative Committee of Ministry of Home Affairs was held to discuss matters relating to insurgency in the North East and the initiatives taken by the Government to restore peace in the region. The Government is holding dialogue with 9 insurgent groups and expects to reach agreements with some of them during the current year.  Members welcomed the initiatives taken by the Government to restore peace in the North Eastern States.


19.       A comprehensive review of all matters pertaining to two central paramilitary forces was done on the following dates:


                        NSG                ..          February 14, 2011

                        ITBP               ..          February 18, 2011


             Rs. 1052.74 crore (83.22% of budget provision) has been released to the States under the MPF Scheme for State police forces in FY 2010-11. This includes Rs. 37.02 crore released to Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in February, 2011.

            Sanctions worth Rs. 191.64 crore were issued for the purchase of arms and ammunition and equipment for the following CPMFs:


34377 nos. Carbine machine

:    Rs. 156.00 crore


1500 nos. VHF Hand- held Radio sets

:     Rs.    7.26 crore


50 nos. Recovery vehicles for 50 Bns. deployed in LWE areas

:     Rs.    9.06 crore


166 sets of Heliborne equipment

:     Rs.    4.16 crore


178 nos. Night Sight for Sniper Rifles

:     Rs.  10.61 crore


40 vehicles for the Regional Hubs

:     Rs.    3.25 crore


2 nos. Fire Tender

:     Rs.    0.32 crore


4 nos. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Response vehicles

:     Rs.    0.60 crore


Ceremonial Dresses

:     Rs.    0.38 crore




  :    Rs. 191.64 crore

            Sanctions amounting to Rs. 24.13 crore were issued for acquisition of land and construction of office/residential/other infrastructure buildings for the following CPMFs:

CRPF                                                              :           Rs.      6.85 crore

SSB                                                                 :           Rs.   10.40 crore

ITBP                                                               :           Rs.      0.89 crore

BSF                                                                 :           Rs.      5.99 crore

Total                                                               :           Rs.   24.13 crore

            Sanctions were issued for the creation of the following posts in the CISF for induction/augmentation:

Kopili Hydro Electric Plant, Assam



235 posts

Department of Space, Bangalore


7 posts

Delhi Metro Airport Express Line


419 posts

North East Space Application Centre, Meghalaya


43 posts

National Remote Sensing Application Centre, Balanagar


36 posts



740 posts

            Administrative orders were issued on January 31, 2011 and February 9, 2011 allowing appointment of General Duty Medical Officers and Specialist Medical Officers, respectively, on contractual basis to fill 100 per cent of the vacancies.

            100 coys of CPMFs (30 Coys each of BSF & CRPF, 20 Coys of CISF and 10 Coys each of ITBP & SSB) have been deployed for law and order duties for the forthcoming Assembly Elections in West Bengal.

            On February 8, 2011, Government approved restructuring of Assam Rifles at an estimated cost of Rs. 28.91 crore (recurring) and Rs. 31.76 crore (non-recurring) and issued orders for creation of 1035 additional posts.

           On February 10, 2011, Air Courier service for the CPMFs personnel deployed in J&K from Srinagar to Jammu and back was started.

            On February 16, 2011, I inaugurated phase I of the Battalion headquarters of ITBP at Idayapatti village, Madurai and also laid the foundation stone for the ITBP’s RTC at Iluppakkudi village, Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu.

            On February 17, 2011, sanction orders amounting to Rs. 2279.84 crore (non-ecurring) and Rs. 766.64 crore (recurring) were issued for ITBP to raise 13 additional battalions, establishment of new training institutes, strengthening of the intelligence set-up etc.

            Lump sum ex-gratia compensation amounting to Rs. 4.36 crore was sanctioned to the next of kin of 37 deceased CPMF personnel.   


Border Management

            India-Bangladesh Border: 13 kms of fencing and 12 kms of road works were completed in February, 2011 under phase II of the project. 24 kms of fencing were replaced in February, 2011 under phase III of the project. Poles for floodlighting were erected on a length of 50 kms and cables were laid on 30 kms stretch in February, 2011.

            India-China Border:  Construction of 21 roads totaling 653.40 kms is in progress. 234.85 kms of formation works and 32.46 kms of surfacing works have been completed. No progress could be made during the month because of snowfall. The working season will start again in April, 2011.

            Coastal Security: In February, 2011, 4 boats were delivered and 14 more are ready for delivery. Against the target of 204 boats, 187 boats have been supplied so far. Every endeavour is being made to ensure completion of delivery of 204 boats by March, 2011.

            Border Area Development Programme (BADP): The total amount released to 17 States under BADP in the current financial year till the end of Februay, 2011 stands at Rs. 691 crore (100% of the total allocation of  Rs. 691 crore).



            On February 4, 2011, 7 Pakistani prisoners were repatriated to Pakistan on completion of their sentences

Disaster Relief

            In the month of February 2011, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams comprising 369 personnel and 8 boats were deployed for emergency response and rescue in the States of Delhi, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

            On February 23, 2011, the High Level Committee (HLC) approved the additional financial assistance of ` 4141.73 crore from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) and National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) for the damages caused by natural calamities during 2010 to the following States:


Sl. No.



( Rs. crore)


( Rs. crore)


( Rs. crore)


Andhra Pradesh





Arunachal Pradesh










Himachal Pradesh





Jammu &






Tamil Nadu





Uttar Pradesh






















Rs. 4054.64 cr.   

Rs.87.09 cr.


Rs. 4141.73 cr.


 Rs. 207.33 crore (75% of ` 276.44 crore) from National Disaster Response Fund was sanctioned to Andhra Pradesh for providing additional employment beyond 100 days under MGNREGS for drought of 2009.





            Prosecution sanction was accorded in the following cases that are being investigated by NIA:

a.       On February 3, 2011, sanction for prosecution was accorded for prosecuting 24 accused in case no. 02/2010/NIA for aiding and assisting the LeT and recruiting youths from Kerala for jehadi training in Pakistan.

b.      On February 3, 2011, sanction for prosecution was accorded for prosecuting Karuna Saikia, the then Addl. Chief Engineer, PHE, NC Hills, Assam  in the case no. 01/2009/NIA relating to his role in assisting terrorist activities of the DHD(J) by illegally siphoning of Government’s funds meant for development of NC Hills.

c.       On February 9, 2011, sanction for prosecution was accorded for prosecuting 19 accused in the case no. 10/2010/NIA relating to terrorist and extortion activities  of UNLF cadres in Assam and Manipur.


Census 2011 and National Population Register (NPR)

            On February 9, 2011, the second phase of Census 2011 commenced. It was completed on February 28, 2011 and a revision round will be held from March 1-5, 2011.


The field survey in 200 districts across 18 zones in the nine Annual Health Survey States has been completed. Out of the total of 20,694 sample units, field work in respect of 19,356 sample units has been completed and is in progress in the remaining 530.


            100% scanning of NPR has been completed in all the States/UTs.



              On February 21, 2011, the President’s assent was received for the Haryana Dohlidar, Butimar, Bhondedar and Muqararidar (Vesting of Proprietary Rights) Bill, 2010.


            Two mercy petitions of four condemned prisoners namely Mohan and Gopi (from Tamil Nadu) and Molai Ram and Santosh Yadav (from Madhya Pradesh) were considered under Article 72 of the Constitution and their death sentences were commuted into imprisonment for life for the remainder of their natural lives.


Other matters

            The drive to implement the judgments of Courts continued.  22 judgments were implemented in February, 2011 and 88 judgments are pending for implementation. 


            49,826 records of claims and compensation paid to displaced persons were computerized in February, 2011. The database now has 432,691 records.”