Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Science & Technology
29-December-2010 17:07 IST
International hub of Scientific Research
India has emerged as an international hub of scientific research during the decade largely due to the growth in number of foreign Research and Development (R & D) centers, increase in outsourced R & D, increase into R & D investment from both public and private sector, availability of scientists and engineers, rise in the scientific research publications etc. However, the interrelationship of knowledge or R & D with the other factors such as innovation, macroeconomic environment, infrastructure, health and primary education etc. needs strengthening for conversion of knowledge into inclusive growth.

According to the UNESCO's Science Report 2010, India's share in World publications is 3.7% (2008). In terms of patents, there is relatively low share of patents filed in India in comparison to those of China. According to the World Intellectual Property Indicators-2009 Report, India filed 28,940 patents in 2006-07 as compared to 2,45,161 patents filed by China.

The Government have taken various steps for the promotion and growth of scientific research in the country. These measures include, setting up of new institutions for science education and research, creation of centres of excellence and facilities in emerging and frontline areas in academic and national institutes, induction of new and attractive fellowships such as Innovation of Science Pursuit for Inspire Research (INSPIRE), strengthening infrastructure for R & D in universities, encouraging public-private R & D partnerships, fiscal incentives for R & D, national awards for outstanding R & D etc. Accordingly, the Government have enhanced XI Plan allocation for Scientific Departments to Rs. 75,304.00 crores from Rs. 25,301.35 crores during X Plan.