Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
14-December-2010 16:27 IST
Government Notifies Changes in Toll Rules giving Relief to Commuters on NH
Giving relief to commuters using National Highways, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have amended the National Highway Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules, 2008 bringing lesser number of two-lane NH under the toll net and reducing the toll on by-passes. The changes have been incorporated in the National Highway Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Amendment Rules, 2010. As per the Gazette Notification, now toll on only those two-lane Highways will be charged on which the average investment for up gradation has exceeded Rs. two and a half Crore per kilometre (on 1st April 2008 prices). As per the 2008 Rules, the toll was charged on those two lane NH on which the average investment for up gradation has exceeded Rupees one Crore per km. However, the toll rate would remain the same i.e. 60% of the rates applicable for four laning projects. This will give relief to the general public as the number of 2 lane National Highways coming under the toll net will substantially reduce.

The new Amendment Rules also gives respite to the users of by-passes by reducing the toll for its use. As per the new rules, “the rate of fee for use of by-pass forming part of a section of a National Highway, constructed with the cost of Rs. 10 Crore or more, for the base year 2007-08,shall be one and a half times the rate of fee specified in sub-rule (2).” While computing the fee for a section of National Highway of which such by pass forms a part, the length of bypass shall be excluded from the length of such section National Highway. It has also been specified that where the cost of such by-pass is less than Rs. 10 Crore, the rate of fee for the use of the said by-pass shall be the same as that of the section of the National Highway, of which it forms a part. In the 2008 Rules, additional rates of toll for by-pass costing more than Rs 50crores forming part of the section were specified. These rates (2008 Rules) worked out to be quite higher than what was charged on National Highways as it was based on the investment incurred on the by-pass. This has deterred commuters from using bypasses resulting in crippled usage of infrastructure created at a huge cost.

The Government, in the new amended rules, has also included Members of Parliament, Members of State Legislature & Legislative councils (within their respective States), Gallantry Award Winners, Ambulance and Funeral Vehicles in the list of those exempted from payment of toll.

In yet another modification, the Wholesale Price Index considered for the purpose of calculating the revision in the toll every year will be for the month of December of the immediately preceding year. Earlier for calculating the difference in the WPI, the Wholesale Price Index for the week ending or on subsequent of 1st January was considered.

The principle rules under the National Highways Fee (Determination) were earlier published on 5th December 2008.