Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas
09-December-2010 16:38 IST
Policy on Shale Gas Exploration
The Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas Shri Jitin Prasada informed the Lok Sabha in a written reply today that considering the importance and potential, Government has initiated actions to formulate a policy on Shale Gas. Detailed studies are being taken up to identify the prospective basins/areas and estimation of Shale Gas resources in the country.

He further stated that as a part of R & D project, a shale gas well in Raniganj basin (RNSG-I) has been spudded by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) and drilling is in progress. As Shale Gas exploration is in R & D stage, comparison of cost of exploration to other hydro-carbons cannot be made.

United States of America and Canada are the two major , which have commercially exploited Shale Gas resources. In USA, Shale Gas reportedly accounts for about 17% of the total Gas production. In India, Shale Gas exploration has not entered the commercial stage.

The Minister said that amongst the unconventional hydro-carbon sources, Coal Bed Methane is being commercially produced. However, other unconventional sources such as Gas Hydrate and Oil Shale are presently in the research and development stage.