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Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
08-December-2010 16:43 IST
Seminar on “Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption” Begins Tomorrow
Project 'Vigeye' to be Launched
The Central Vigilance Commission is organising a Seminar here tomorrow on “Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption” on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day which is celebrated on 9th December every year. The Seminar will begin with the inaugural address to be delivered by Shri P.J. Thomas, Central Vigilance Commissioner.

On this occasion, the Project 'VIGEYE' will be launched by the Commission. This will provide for a more user-friendly platform for interface between the CVC and the citizens who are harassed by corruption or those who want to disclose information about corrupt activities. ‘VIGEYE’ an acronym for Vigilance Eye, implies that the citizens would act as the eyes of the Commission in keeping vigil on public affairs. Citizens are encouraged to stand up against corruption by becoming a ‘VIGEYE’.

The advantages of VIGEYE include simplified process of filing complaints and it will provide authentic identity of the complainant. VIGEYE would be completely digitised and it will give online access to vigilance information.

The Seminar consists of panel discussion on the following sub-themes: (i) Engagement of Civil Society in addressing Corruption (ii) Addressing corruption from the Supply Side and (iii) Modernizing the Vigilance Framework.

The issues for the discussion in the first session will include the present status of engagement of civil society institutions against corruption and lessons from the previous experiences and the reasons for the significant disconnect between the government and civil society efforts for combating corruption. It may recommend measures to be taken by the government in order to create an environment conducive to the development and participation of civil society organizations engaged in the fight against corruption.

The Session on “Corruption from the Supply Side” will discuss the issues like identification of the factors which are responsible for the inadequate commitment of the corporate sector in ensuring integrity and ethical conduct and it may suggest measures to convince and empower the entities who act as the source of bribes i.e. citizens and the business entities to resist and desist paying of bribes.

The Session “Modernizing the Vigilance Framework” will discuss the issues like drawbacks in the current vigilance framework and the conduct of vigilance and need for shifting to proactive, preventive and predictive vigilance etc. It may recommend the modalities for moving over from a punitive and reactive vigilance regime towards a more proactive, preventive and predictive vigilance.

The Seminar may also recommend as to how standards for investigation can be improved so that vigilance is able to make out a case of probable corruption more objectively without inhibiting the operational freedom of the executive.