Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Science & Technology
08-December-2010 16:20 IST
Indo-German S&T Programme - Science & Technology Research Center Inaugurated

Dr. T. Ramasami, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology while inaugurating the Indo German Science and Technology Centre in Gurgaon here last evening has informed that the contribution from the Government  of India for this project was  Rs. 13 crores.  The German government has committed a similar funding of 2 million euro for the IGSTC. The German Parliamentary State Secretary Mr. Thomas Rachel was also present at the inauguration ceremony along with senior scientists and other officials from the department of Science & Technology. The IGSTC envisages participation of private industry in the joint research projects. The office of IGSTC is located at Plot No. 102, Sector-44, Gurgaon (Haryana).

            The 1st Meeting of the Governing Body of the IGSTC is planned on 8th December 2010 to discuss and workout future schemes and activities to be supported under IGSTC.

Objectives of the Indo-German S&T Centre (IGSTC)

(i)     playing a proactive role in facilitating participation of industry in joint R&D projects,

(ii)   providing/assisting in mobilizing resources to carry out industrial R&D projects,

(iii) Promoting electronic exchange and dissemination of information on opportunities in bilateral S&T cooperation. The Centre will also prepare/compile state-of-the-art reports on topics of interest with the help of highly qualified scientists and technologists, one from each country,

(iv) providing individual advice to institutes and industries from either country on the possibilities of Indo-German cooperation and helping in the identification of suitable partners,

(v)   facilitating and promoting Indo-German bilateral collaborations in basic and applied science, research and technology through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry,

(vi) encouraging public-private partnerships (PPP) to foster elements of innovation and application and cultivating a culture of cooperation between science and industry,

(vii)     nurturing contacts between young and mid career scientists and technologists to develop a sense of mutual trust, partnership/ leadership and entrepreneurship,

(viii)   developing cooperation through the identification of scientists and scientific institutions of the two countries,

(ix) organizing workshops, seminars, training programmes and other types of events on topics of mutual interest, and to

(x)   Supporting or conducting any other mutually agreed future activities.

Management of the Indo-German S&T Centre:

a.       The IGSTC is governed by a “Governing Body” (GB) comprising of up to 5 members from each side representing the ministries, academia and industry.

b.      The GB is Co-chaired by Indian and German nominees of the two governments and will alternately preside over the meeting of the GB.