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26-November-2010 19:07 IST
Swayamsidha Raises Flag Against Naxalism
Swayamsidha – A Girl on Red Corridor, an Odiya film in the Indian Panorma depicts the Naxalite menace and how it devastates the lives of innocent men and women. Post its screening at IFFI 2010, Sudhanshu Mohan Sahoo, the film’s director and crew met the Press at the Media Centre here today. Briefing the press, he emphasized said that through his movie he want to stress that an opportunity should be given to those on the red corridor to return to the Mainstream. He said that they have tried to put both sides of the story to the public. Siddhanta Mohapatra, the lead actor of the movie and a sitting Member of Parliament said” Nobody is Naxalite by birth but is only the circumstances which makes a person Naxalite” and so they should be extended a helping hand to come out of the circumstances.

Prabhat Ranjan Mallick, the producer of the film informed the Press that the movie has been made in Bengali and is being released in Kolkata today. The film has been shot in 70 days out of which 50 days in Naxal affected Koraput.

The film sees the debut of Yukta in the role of the main protagonist Shreya who is educated and talented. But the negligent attitude of the administration, failed protests and unsuccessful appeals force her to the path of terror. Shreya, in her struggle to build a society free of exploitation, metamorphoses into Swayamsiddha. In her struggle, she comes across Raj who is a happy-go-lucky man kidnapped by her group. All-out efforts to secure Raj’s release end in vain. Raj comes to know about the sordid ordeals that had befallen Shreya. Raj tries to dissuade her which only ends in further devastation. Eventually, Raj gives a clarion call; Shreya hears it and her Swayamsidha-side steps out.