Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
26-November-2010 18:00 IST
NAFED Monitoring Onion Prices in Different Mandis; Increased Arrivals from Nasik likely to Ease Prices
NAFED is monitoring rates of onion in different mandis on daily basis to keep onion prices under check.

On 26.11.2010, the wholesale prices of onion in Maharashtra (Lasalgaon, Pimpalgaon and Manmad mandis ) were ruling between Rs.500 to Rs. 2200 per qtl. with modal rate of Rs.1400 per qtl ( new crop) and Rs.1000 per qtl to 3858 per qtl. with modal rate of Rs.3550 per qtl. (old crop) out of total arrivals of 12700 qtls. Market rate of FAQ and above onion is in between Rs.1800 to Rs.2200 for new onion and Rs.3000 to Rs.3200 for old onion. Similarly, the wholesale prices of onion in Azadpur mandi are ruling between Rs.1500 To Rs.3250 per qtl. with modal rate of Rs. 1875 per qtl. out of total arrivals of 13300 qtls

The stock arriving in the mandis are reported to be having higher moisture contents due to the fact that procuring region of Nasik and Alwar are having rains since last few days. However, it is reported that the weather is clear in Nasik area since yesterday, which may lead to increase the arrivals in mandi in near future.

Since 16.11.2010, Nafed and NCCF are selling onion in retail at the rate of Rs.25.00 per kg. through its outlets in Delhi. The response has been very enthusiastic. Nafed has also imposed an MEP of $ 525 per ton and this has brought down the export of onion thereby adding to the domestic availability of the commodity.