Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
26-November-2010 13:55 IST
Prices of Major Food Commodities Remained Steady at Delhi
As per data compiled by Price Monitoring Cell, Department of Consumer Affairs, in the week ending 18.11.2010, the prices of main food commodities remained steady at Delhi.

Price of moong dal decreased from Rs. 75/- per kg to Rs. 74 per kg. while the price of tur dal increased from Rs 68/- per kg to Rs. 68.5 per kg.

Prices of other commodities remained steady during the week ending 18.11.2010:

Wheat (Rs 14/- per kg), atta (Rs. 16/- per kg), gram dal (Rs.35/- per kg), urad dal (Rs. 79/- per kg), masoor dal (Rs. 54/- per kg), sugar (Rs. 31/- per kg), milk (Rs. 24/- per kg) groundnut oil (Rs. 122/- per kg), vanaspati (Rs. 66/- per kg), soya oil (Rs. 70/- per kg) sunflower oil (Rs. 88/- per kg), gur (Rs. 34 per kg), tea losse (Rs. 148/- per kg) and salt (Rs. 12/- per kg).

MP:CP: commodity prices (26.11.2010)