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24-November-2010 17:28 IST
Elektra Dazzles IFFI with Its Electrifying Performances
Elektra, a psycho-sensual drama heavily charged with primal energy, is a journey into the bruised familial bonds of an aristocratic household in Kerala. The film screened today at IFFI 2010, in the presence of its main cast Manisha Koirala and Director Shyamaprasad, explores the texture of desire and loss. The fim has electrifying performances by the leading lady Nayantara, Manisha Koirala and National award winner & versatile actor Prakash Raj. Earlier talking to the Press at a press Conference organized at Media Centre here today, Shyamaprasad said the story is based on Greek myth of Electra and set in contemporary times in an aristocratic family of Kerala. He said, it has shades of Freudian Electra complex.

Elektra, overly devoted to her father Abraham and enraged by her mother Diana’s adulterous relationship in his absence, lives in a world torn between passion and fixation. On the night of his arrival from Jaffna, Abraham is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Elektra’s rage and her brother Edwin’s love, for their mother, spins off a series of revenge and deaths. Marooned in guilt and penitence Edwin sees his obsessive love transferred to Elektra who, caught up in another fatal whirlwind has to face the worst.

I want explore the themes that have endless validity and I make no attempt to whip through quasi-political narratives that lose appeal after few years. The story of Electra (a Greek mythological character) is several thousands of years old, but it is still relevant.

I do have an unapologetic fetish for subjects that slice through the moral fiber of society. Every individual has the right to deconstruct a film according to his vision and perception and I know that there is a segment of audience who always looks for moral judgment in a work of art. Elektra to me is the testament of my faith in human compassion, the light that follows darkness and suffering that leads to wisdom.

This is Shyamaprasad’s fifth film at IFFI. His earlier film, Ore Kadal, based on Bengali novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay, enjoyed the honor of being the inaugural film of the Indian Panorama at the International Film Festival of India – 2007 and also won the audience prize at the Stuttgart Film Festival. Shyamaprasad’s work has been widely respected and has also got him to the National Awards Jury thrice.

The film is slated for December 3rd release.