Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Rural Development
23-November-2010 15:39 IST
Potable Water Supply in Rural Rajasthan
The Minister of State for for Rural Development Ms. Agatha Sangma today informed the Rajya Sabha according to figures provided by the State Government on the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) as on that date. However the figures provided are dynamic because of varying groundwater levels, rainfall etc.

The aim of the Government of India is to enable provision of rural drinking water to all habitations in all States including Rajasthan equitably and in this exercise all the States are encouraged to achieve the set goals.

State Governments report to the Government of India habitations as 100% covered after they are able to provide regularly at least 40 lpcd to the households. Hence it is expected that 100% covered habitations are those which have at least 40 lpcd safe drinking water supply available.

As per data provide by the State in the IMIS as on 1.4.2010, Rajasthan has 34,880 quality affected habitations of which 10,788 are fluoride affected, 8 arsenic affected, 60 iron affected, 23,168 salinity affected and 856 are nitrate affected.

The Minister was replying to a written question in the Rajya Sabha.